The Guild: Seasons 1 & 2

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The Guild: Seasons 1 & 2

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  1. As a semi funny show, it is worth watching. But to pay money for this on DVD is just a waste of money and a slap in the face to everyone. You can watch the entire series for free on either the internet or your Xbox 360 via XBOX live. There is no reason for anyone to pay to watch this show.

    Please think about it before you buy, because you could get it free or you can pay to get the exact same thing. The smart person just watches it for free.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. Like Twilight, here’s another severely overrated property that dweebs get overexcited about. It’s mildly amusing sometimes, but doesn’t come close to the pro stuff like The Office, 30 Rock, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Parks and Recreations.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  3. I love this show! It is great to get to see some of the behind the scenes planning through the commentary. If you like the show this is soooooo worth the money. Plus you are supporting the cast and crew who made both of these seasons on a very low/donation budget.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. If you like playing the massively popular online games, you will just love these shows.

    And you will recognize these eclectic, whacky characters straight from your own Guild. Here you will see yourself (probably the only sane person in your Guild LOL), a total nerd who has no boundaries, the teen hero who has to compete with his younger sib for computer time, the housewife who totally ignores her three kids, the controlling and organizing GM who lives in his dead grandfather’s house, and of course, the princess.

    Watch for a major Guild vs Boss fight when one player’s controlling mother shows up. Hilarious!

    Definitely recommended for anyone who loves WoW.

    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. If you don’t own THE GUILD, you need to. But don’t get the individual season discs; get this one! It contains the entirety of the wonderful online series. If you haven’t see this great online show, you need to understand that that each season is less than an hour in length, with each episode lasting around four to six minutes. But what it lacks in quantity it makes up with in quality. It is not just that the disc collecting both seasons is cheaper, it is more convenient. No switching of discs. And I don’t know about you, but my DVD shelves are getting incredibly tight. A single case instead of two is something that I really appreciate.

    THE GUILD is one of the most successful direct-to-Internet series yet produced. It was created and is written by and stars Felecia Day, who starred, along with Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion, in what is by far the most successful Internet-first project ever, DR. HORRIBLE’S SING-ALONG BLOG. The series concerns a group of people who would normally have nothing to do with one another, but have been drawn together by playing World of Warcraft together. For though who have never played WoW (I suppose such individuals exist), one of the things that you can do in WoW is form guilds who quest together. From personal experience I can attest that you end up forming online friendships with people you normally would not spend much time with. If you have played WoW, the show has lots of subtleties that will seem familiar and fun. I’ve intentionally avoided meeting anyone that I play online with, but these poor souls decide to meet in person. (Though I never join guilds for person reasons. I detest PvP [Player versus Player] and WoW is structured so that if one member of a guild fights a member of another guild, all members of each guild are thereby opposed to one another. Since I could not find a way to be a member of a guild and not PvP, I played solo, which luckily isn’t that hard to do in WoW. BTW, I stopped playing WoW after maxing out several characters because of the staggering amount of time that gaming can absorb. Never going to get that book written playing WoW.)

    The Guild consists of: Codex (her online name), played by Felecia Day; Zaboo, a Hinjew (half Indian/half Jewish) who stalks Codex; Vork, an early middle-aged loser who lives in his dead grandfather’s house (he lives off cashing his granddad’s social security checks, and who is also a world-class tightwad and the titular head of the guild); Clara, the mother of three toddlers that she neglects to play online; Tinkerballa, a cute Asian girl who is so obsessed with gaming that she plays Gameboy while also playing WoW; and Bladezz, a long-haired teen who is not the most popular character on the show in Season One. This exceedingly odd collection of individuals unhappily linked with one another provides a host of funny moments that shouldn’t be missed.

    Felecia Day has pretty much established herself as the hottest female actress on the Internet. Though many knew her from her Season Seven appearance on BUFFY as one of the Potentials, most of her work has been away from either film or television. DR. HORRIBLE made her on online star, a status that was quickly reinforced by the beginning of THE GUILD. She also starred in the great, though unaired episode of DOLLHOUSE “Epitaph One,” which many regard as the best episode of DOLLHOUSE. But again, unless you watch it on DVD, you won’t see it at all. Most recently she has become even more popular due to a music video based on THE GUILD “going viral.” If you haven’t seen “Would You Like to Date My Avatar?” do so immediately. Starring Day and the rest of the cast of THE GUILD, with music written by Jed Whedon (the brother of Joss), it is a delightful send up of online socializing. The song is infectious, the performances delightful, and the lyrics witty. And it completes the whole DR. HORRIBLE-“Epitaph One,” and music video trilogy. Jed Whedon co-wrote DR. HORRIBLE and “Epitaph One” with his wife Maurissa Tancharoen, and Maurissa is one of the performing dancers in the music video (she is one of the female dancers who back up Tinkerballa). And Felecia Day starred in all three. She is so adorable that I’d love to see her translate her online and DVD success to film and TV. Until then, we have this delightful online series. Do yourself a favor and get this disc that collects both seasons of THE GUILD.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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