The Green Berets

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Studio: Warner Home Video Release Date: 01/05/2010 Run time: 141 minutes Rating:
Anyone who fought in Vietnam can tell you that the war bore little resemblance to this propagandistic action film starring and codirected by John Wayne. But the film itself is not nearly as bad as its reputation would suggest; critics roasted its gung-ho politics while ignoring its merits as an exciting (if rather conventional and idealistic) war movie. Some not… More >>

The Green Berets

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  1. This film is about what you would expect from a rabid

    anti-communist draft dodger. Wayne avoided even phony

    stateside service in WWII first by hiding behind his wife’s

    skirts and then by getting the government to give him a

    deferment in the national interest. He often told lies

    about an old football injury, but it was only a yellow streak

    that kept him out of uniform.

    This movie has nothing to do with the real war in vietnam.

    Its a bunch of ideas strung together from what Wayne saw on

    TV and what some of his officer groopies who never left Saigon

    told him about the war.

    The first half of the movie has a traitorous reporter (Cliff

    Robertson) learn the real story of vietnam. He goes with Wayne

    to vietnam to what is supposed to be a special forces jungle

    camp on the vietnamese border. Its fort apache, vietnam after

    that. Complete with noble slow-taking indian scouts (the

    vietnamese), friendly indian tribes (the mongonards) and the

    evil indians (the viet cong).

    Being bad people, the viet cong kill, rape and rob everyone in

    sight with Cliff Robertson seeing it all and learning to love

    the war. Then we get to the big attack on the fort. Wayne

    and company get to mow down wave-after-wave of evil vietnamese.

    After a whole lot of people are dead, the reporter is convinced

    of what a great struggle for freedom this is and promises to

    support the war in his newspaper when he gets back to America.

    The stupidity of it all is that the obvious question never gets

    asked. Why, if we are fighting on the side of good and right,

    is the enemy able to get so many people to fight and die?

    Wayne would probably say that they were victims of commie


    The truth about vietnam is South Vietnam and its army were

    weak, incompentent and not popular. Toward the early 70’s,

    they were more interested in making money off selling whores

    and heroin to the US Army than in fighting for their own


    The only way for America to have won the war would have been

    to expand it to a point where the Chinese would have entered

    the war to save north vietnam which would have put us in the

    same meat-grinder that Korea turned into.

    What stupid people like Wayne never got was that you don’t

    send the US Army to save a country that can’t and won’t

    defend itself. You send them weapons, not troops. If they

    can’t use the weapons and can’t defend themselves, they were

    never worth anything in the first place. And if the enemy

    can inspire five people to die while you can’t get even one

    to stand and fight, something is really wrong.

    The second half of the movie is interesting. Wayne’s super

    commandos are sent in to raid the Viet Cong’s pentagon and

    bring out some general. The Viet Cong HQ is a mansion with

    silver tea services, servents, electricity and late model

    staff cars. The plan is to whore out the sister of one of

    their south vietnamese soldier-followers to the general, sneak

    in and knock the general out, wake the guards starting a

    firefight and then flee to safety in the General’s staff car.

    There is a great scene afterward where Wayne, American Pimp,

    lectures his south vietnamese friend to get over pimping out

    his sister for the war effort. American morality at its

    finest. All that was missing was Wayne talking about how the

    woman now had new career opporunties open to her in Saigon.

    Here was a guy, John Wayne, who never had any guts in his whole

    life making a flag-waving film about how everyone else should

    send their kids off to die in vietnam. People talk lots about

    patriotism, but being a patriot means actually doing something

    and putting something at risk. Its not about making movies

    pretending to be a hero when your a fat drunk sitting around

    the pool eating steaks every night. He didn’t join up in WWII,

    he didn’t send any of his kids to fight after. Thats not a patriot, thats a loud-mouth idiot. And he doesn’t give a damn

    about Vietnam or the people there. You can see in the movie

    that all he really cares about is fighting the red menace in

    the abstract. Wayne does his fighting across the bar and the

    dinner table while less important people are supposed to go

    beat the communists.

    If you want a true hollywood hero, try Audie Murphy. He was

    the real deal rather than the phony image John Wayne lived

    off his whole life.

    But really, most of America would rather be sold the phony

    John Wayne image of solider than to honor, remember or even

    care about the sort of real men who defend this country.

    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. When John Wayne died they did an autopsy on him discovering over 40 pounds of impacted fecal matter which was believed to be the cause of the cancer in his colon that killed him. But he really didn’t have 40 pounds of fecal matter in him at his death as far as anyone knows because they never did an autopsy. That was a false internet rumor, probably started by sellers of “colonic irrigation products”, vegetarians and that want to call attention to the unhealthy American meat-based diet. Heh, can’t believe everything ya here. John Wayne did die of cancer, but I’m affraid he was indeed full of it, just in other ways. This film THE GREEN BERETS is impacted with enough nonsense to be harmful to the society that consumes too much material of this kind. The movie is well known for containg many technical errors including depiction of a sunset that takes place in the east. I wonder how many Americans would to this day know and or even notice that the country of Vietnam has no western coastline? How many would care is perhaps even more important a question. Technical errors aside the meassage of the film is completely false: the Vietnam War was was not faught to save little Vietnamese children and the Vietnamese people. It killed countless thousands of them. Can’t believe everything you hear, especially what the government tells you on TV and in newspapers about war.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. I give this movie 1 star and 1 star only. 2 reasons. It’s the lowest one you can pick, 2, at least someone tried to improve the name or image of Vietnam vets to biased crowd durring the war. Not a good representation of the Vietnam war, but thanks for trying Duke
    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. This is the worst war film I have ever viewed. It is flawed in every respect. The acting is shoddy…the special effects are absolutely childlike. The helicopter crashing scene rates as the most amatuerish scene I have ever witnessed on screen. John Wayne is a favourite of mine…I just can’t find any redeeming fetures at all. Give this a wide berth.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  5. I like the Duke, but this is a real stinker…the kind of schlock Chuck Norris has made a career of.
    Rating: 1 / 5

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