The Good Dinosaur Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Pixar Movie HD

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The Good Dinosaur Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Pixar Movie HD

After a traumatic event unsettles a lively Apatosaurus named Arlo, he sets out on a remarkable journey, gaining an unlikely companion along the way – a human boy.

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  1. this looks like an awesome movie. !!!!ο»Ώ

  2. Reply
    TheElectrifyingGamingBrothers December 22, 2015 at 7:53 pm

    Great Movie made a Grown man Cry from the death of the father to the End.ο»Ώ

  3. the movie is so sadο»Ώ

  4. Reply
    Alestiiidae [no_last] December 22, 2015 at 8:36 pm

    I don't know if this is a spoiler, but this song never actually appears in the movie.ο»Ώ

  5. more like good human XDο»Ώ

  6. prabin fint dat niet leukο»Ώ

  7. Whats the name on the song?ο»Ώ

  8. I went to see this yesterday. I cried for about 3 hours afterwards. Disney, why is this ending of your film so sad?ο»Ώ

  9. who of inside and the good dinosaure shall win the oscar ?ο»Ώ

  10. β“˜β“£'β“’ β“šβ“˜β“β““β“ β“’β“€β“£β“”ο»Ώ

  11. I've watched it yesterday….what a boring movie….inside out and Hotel Transylvania 2 is way better….ο»Ώ

  12. We're srsly watching this movie for school :(ο»Ώ

  13. Damn, the animation looks fresh and vivid β€” but is it just me, or does the character Design of the Lead Dinosaur looks kinda stupid in all this… Lol.
    But still β€” I will watch this movie.ο»Ώ

  14. @chelsearsenal0808 yeah this movie was created by the people who made finding nemoο»Ώ

  15. Not suitable for kids six and under there are several scary scenes that made kids cry and leave!ο»Ώ

  16. christian made surely . Ok its a story of this time the asteriod doesn't hit the earth but it will brainwash your kid and make them easyer to convince later that mankind did coexist with dinos .jesus religion is so manipulativeο»Ώ

  17. That kids look like the dentist's niece name Darla in Finding Nemo.ο»Ώ

  18. Really, I love Pixar, but this is exactly like How to train your dragon, so It does not look original and that's why they're putting up together a lot of emotion. Out of nothing.ο»Ώ

  19. beautifulο»Ώ

  20. This was the best movie ever.
    I went to see it, my eyes started balling out.ο»Ώ

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