The Godfather – The Coppola Restoration Giftset

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THE GODFATHER: Popularly viewed as one of the best American films ever made, the multi-generational crime saga The Godfather (1972) is a touchstone of cinema: one of the most widely imitated, quoted, and lampooned movies of all time. Marlon Brando and Al Pacino star as Vito Corleone and his youngest son, Michael, respectively. It is the late 1940s in New York and Corleone is, in the parlance of organized crime, a “godfather” or “don,” the head of a Mafia family. Micha… More >>

The Godfather – The Coppola Restoration Giftset

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  1. One Star, enough said about the so called Blu-Ray Review. Save your money.

    What was I thinking.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. If you are simply going to restore the dvd set everyone else already has, what good is that? They should have restored the complete epic where the movie is in in time order!
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. I caught the HBO HD versions of all three movies. I’m assuming that the HD versions are the exact same as the upcoming releases (if not better).

    The HD versions were very nice. The first two movies were grainy in some parts, for instance, during Michael’s trial before the commission.

    I think it is too difficult to perfectly transfer 35mm film to a digital format. I think they did a tremendous job with the HBO HD versions and I hope the Blu Ray ones will be better visually. I already know the sound tranfers will be great.

    I can hear the opening trumpet now in TrueHD.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. I don’t like these Godfather movies, by gosh, bygolly. Too much violence, not enough sex.

    For example, we’re told that Fredo Corlieone “was banging cocktail waitresses two at a time” but (correct me if I’m wrong), we never see him banging even *one* cocktail waitress, one at a time.

    Sure, during the wedding scene Fredo’s brother, Sonny Corlieone, has wall-sex with one of the wedding guests. But James Caan isn’t even Italian! (What’s the dang-deal?)

    And poor Michael Corlieone. He gets to be Godfather. The King. Numero Uno. The Big Cheese. And who does he get to bang? … Diane Keaton. … He might as well work for the post office, man!

    Then there’s Don Corlieone (no relationship to “Soul Train’s” Don Cor-nel-ius!). The former gets to bang Morgana King; but lemme tell ya, that’s like drivin’ over ten miles of bad road with a Yugo.

    Troy Donahue got to bang Connie Corlieone, but since Talia Shire is far-sighted, rumor has it, she thought it was *Phil* Donahue! Which, right there, would make anyone’s stomach turn.

    Of course, other than Sonny’s brief stand-up routine, we never got to see any decent banging; let alone two-at-a-time. The closest we came to checking out Fredo’s action is when he asked Kay Corlieone to stand on a mirror while he drooled pathetically all over his nice Ivy League suit. … YOU CALL THAT FILMMAKING! … I’ve seen better banging at a high school drum & bugle contest.

    Now take Tony Soprano. Now there’s a mafia don who sure’nuf can “bang ’em two at a time.” Three, if necessary.

    He banged more service-oriented members of the lumpen proleteriat in one episode than the entire Corlieone patriarchy did in three gosh-darn movies.

    And Tom. Tom Hagen. You miserable sexless wretch. Where’s the beef, counselor? Where’s the strudel? Where’s the Ba-Da-Bing girls you’re supposed to being bailing out on a regular basis? … Sir, you disgust me!

    In short, whatever happened to “sex and violence”? Don’t they go together like, like — like a horse and carriage? Like Frick and Frack? Like Dolly Parton. Like Laurel and Hardy and Missus Laurel and Missus Hardy?

    Can you believe it — a movie about Italians, and the only guy who gets laid is a bar mitzvah boy.

    Oye, the humanity!

    Rating: 1 / 5

  5. Dear Mr Coppola You Restoration idea is crap. It is an apology for a terrible DVD release. AND WHERE IS THE THE COMPLETE EPIC?????? The chronological one??? With ALL THE OUTTAKES!!!. This Version in many of our minds is the finest film. Do hand any damn excuses. Consumers: DON”T BUY this totally incomplete box set. I have the VHS set of THE COMPLETE EPIC it’s only weaknesses are VHS resolution and 4:3 aspect ratio. I am Making a BLURAY copy. Everyone with this version should do the same to preserve it before Coppola deep sixes his best version like he did with Abel Gance’s Napoleon with his father’s score. I believe in paying for a product BUT HOW MANY TIMES AM I GOING TO GET RAPED PAYING FOR INCOMPLETE AND INFERIOR PRODUCT? WAKE UP FRANCIS. Whattza matta you?
    Rating: 2 / 5

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