The First One Hundred Years of Judo Kodokan Ju Jitsu

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This extremely factual presentation traces the History of Judo thru its first 100 years and includes rare footage of its founder Jigoro Kano plus it explains the history of judo from the days of the Samurai until present day sport karate and its inception into the Olympics. You will be introduced to the top Japanese fighters and as well the Dutch giant Anton Geesink when he beat the Japanese at their own game. You will see Yamashita who some say is still the greatest comp… More >>

The First One Hundred Years of Judo Kodokan Ju Jitsu

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  1. The first 100 years of Judo is a great and very historical DVD to own for just it’s rare footage of Judo. The explaination and breakdown of the history of Judo is very interesting and gives you more of an understanding of this art.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. Too bad there is nothing lower than a 1 to rate this. Poorly shot, poorly produced, no logical sequence, no historical significance. Absolutely the greatest waste of time ever made.
    Rating: 1 / 5

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