The Essential Tai Chi, Meditation & Purification

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The Essential Tai Chi, Meditation & Purification

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  1. A friend gifted me this DVD. With Tai Chi written in 102-point type on the cover and a prominent note saying “3 hours of self-improvement” on the back cover, you’d expect a good bit of information on tai chi, especially the movements. All you get is 15 minutes of very elementary stances, done at super high speed, with little or no instruction on breathing. Total waste of money. Do NOT buy this DVD.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. This is a wonderful 2 DVD set. Well worth the money with several hours of instructions and guidance. Actual Tai Chi session is only about 15 min, but enough to get you started if you have never done Tai Chi before. I do the routine first thing in the morning as a quick wake up and also in the afternoon in conjunction with my Kundalini Yoga practice. Beautiful oceanfront background. Also, includes a great stretching session and yoga and nutrition/detox sessions.

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    Rating: 4 / 5

  3. Although this dvd has good production quality I think if you’re going to use the words tai chi as the first thing in your title you should have more than just a demonstration of 18 stances. They are well explained, but just not enough for anyone who really wants to learn about tai chi. “Basic” would be a much better description than “essential”. Even if they were to show you how to link these stances together (which they don’t) you really couldn’t get very far with the tiny amount you’ll have learned.

    The meditation section is helpful because the soothing voice of the instructor guides you quite easily into a meditative state. This part is good for anyone who has trouble shutting down thier brain to meditate.

    The detox portion of the video is just silly. Why do I want to watch someone fixing a glass of hot lemon water? And how do they expect to guide someone through an outdoor walking meditation when you’re sitting inside watching them? This should really have been done as a supplemental booklet instead of being filmed.

    Your money and time will be better spent reading a book on detoxification, and purchasing a real tai chi dvd.
    Rating: 2 / 5

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