The Essential Alfred Hitchcock Collection

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9 Movies – Plus Bonus Program on Five Double-Sided Discs!Champagne:Betty (Betty Balfour) the rebellious daughter of a millionaire (Gordon Harker) decides to marry the penniless Jean (Jean Hardin) against her father’s will. She runs away to France and she starts living a life of luxury on the profits of her father’s business. Betty’s father decides to put a stop to her behavior by pretending his business crashed and Betty has no choice but to find money on her own…. More >>

The Essential Alfred Hitchcock Collection

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  1. The movies on this DVD are all silent!! I bought these as a gift for someone who had never seen a Hitchcock film. I never thought that they would all be “Silent” and in Black and white!
    Rating: 2 / 5

  2. Just watched the transfer of CHAMPAGNE contained in this set. Unbelievably, it’s been mastered from a VHS tape! A heavily scratched VHS tape!!
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. The transfers on this set are very poor. I only bought it because this is the only set that includes Champagne (one of Hitch’s minor works). If you are looking for a early Hitch set, consider the much better Laserlight set.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. It’s always enlightening to see how a superb director’s career began, and with THE ESSENTIAL ALFRED HITCHCOCK COLLECTION we get just that opportunity. Included here is one of Hitchcock’s most famous pre-Hollywood films, and some much earlier work, as well. This DVD set is really a 10 pack– besides nine theatrical releases it includes a one-hour TV documentary/interview with the master of suspense himself. THE ESSENTIAL ALFRED HITCHCOCK COLLECTION is potentially for completists only, also for silent movie fans.

    Of similar interest is ALFRED HITCHCOCK: THE EARLY YEARS.

    It’s a deluxe 12 CD set that offers a half-dozen of these movies plus nine others.


    The following alphabetized program list includes viewer poll ratings for each film (based on a 1 to 10 scale), plus years of release and principal actors.

    (6.1) Champagne (UK-silent-1928) – Betty Balfour/Gordon Harker/Jean Bradin

    (5.8) Easy Virtue (UK-silent-1928) – Isabel Jeans/Franklin Dyall/Ian Hunter

    (6.3) The Farmer’s Wife (UK-silent-1928) – Jameson Thomas/Lillian Hall-Davis/Gordon Harker

    (6.2) Jamaica Inn (UK-1939) – Charles Laughton/Maureen O’Hara/Robert Newton

    (6.2) The Manxman (UK-silent-1929) – Carl Brisson/Malcolm Keen/Anny Ondra

    (6.4) Murder! (UK-1930) – Herbert Marshall/Norah Baring/Edward Chapman

    (5.9) Number Seventeen (UK-1932) – Leon M. Lion/Anne Grey/John Stuart

    (5.7) The Skin Game (UK-1931) – C.V. France/Helen Haye/Edmund Gwenn

    (8.0) The 39 Steps (UK-1935) – Robert Donat/Madeleine Carroll/Godfrey Tearle


    (???) Alfred Hitchcock: Master of Suspense (TV doc.-1973) (a career retrospective with comments from Hitchcock)

    Rating: 4 / 5

  5. I never really look too in-depth at these cheapo releases of Mr. Hitchcock’s work. However, I was in a store yesterday and spotted this and was quite surprised. Its main selling point is the DVD debut of Champagne. Now I can discard my VHS. With the DVD release of Lifeboat in 13 days, that makes 49 of Hitchcock’s 53 films on DVD. The four exceptions are The Pleasure Garden, The Mountain Eagle, Waltzes From Vienna, and Downhill. I never thought Champagne would see the light of day, so we could be surprised and see Downhill on DVD eventually (I believe a British company already has done so). So, sometimes we can be shocked and find something new, which happened to me yesterday when I saw this. I think it’s worth the small amount of money to get a film of his not already released.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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