The Dark Knight Rises “13 Minute Preview” HD

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An official 13 Minute behind-the-scenes preview of Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises”.

Featuring the cast and crew of the movie during production.

The ruthless terrorist Bane plans to destroy Gotham City and Batman must return from exile and confront Bane to bring about an end to his reign of terror.

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  1. wow, cantο»Ώ wait..

  2. Its a little silly to argue realism when the whole idea of an actual superhero existing period is unrealisticο»Ώ to begin with.

  3. meο»Ώ 2

  4. holy shittt, it just hit me. the set photos with the emp bomb….im guessing batman is gonna sacrifice himself and fly that bitch up to theο»Ώ sky. wouldn’t that be epic??? i probably soundο»Ώ stupid but hey, i could be right

  5. christopher nolan should not be allowed to touch any other superhero. this is not batman, if anyone reads comics, you would know batman is not this serious, batman is more humorous and sarcastic. and this is NOT BANE, bane bulks at will.ο»Ώ wtf is this shit. nolan didnt do a bad job, he just created his own superhero, he shouldnt be allowed to call it batman. and he took away supermans red underwear? i dont care how cheesy that was, it is classic

  6. doubt itο»Ώ

  7. Yes i’m more of a DC fan and always been for 27 years since i was 4 collecting comics from Superman, JLA, Watchmen (my first mature readers comic), a few Wonder-Womans (i had a crush on her), Swamp Thing and others but not Batman as i thought he was lame cause had no powers but 89’s movie made me a fan of him as i learned you don’t need powers like Superman or Spider-Man to be cool, i even collected Marvel. Ever readο»Ώ JLA/Avengers? coolest crossover comic ever.

  8. Not a reader of comics? you think comics are kids stuff right? NOT all, go check out the graphic novels of Watchmen, Batman Year One, 300, Sin City, Akira, Dark Knight Returns, Theο»Ώ Killing Joke, From Hell, Road to Perdition, V For Vendetta etc. all excellent comics for mature readers and made for mature readers as they show comics aren’t always kiddo stuff.

  9. I love em both film wise. Not a reader of comicsο»Ώ though.

  10. yh and iο»Ώ think the john blake character will take over as the new batman

  11. I sure hope so because I love Nolan’s take on Batman but Avenger’s blew away the record by way more than I thoughtο»Ώ it would =

  12. HELL YEA

  13. The Avengers was a silly unrealistic film that wasο»Ώ more comical than serious. The batman films by Nolan are actually realistic and deal with serious issues that plague this society today.

  14. its technically not fair to compare The Avengers and Batman together anyway though. The Avengers is a six superhero film, of course its gonnaο»Ώ be incredible. Batman is one superhero, even though he is pretty epic in his own weight, hes just one superhero. The only way to fairly compare the two is for DC to make a Justice League film

  15. nah, avengers was actually cool. im a big batman fan, like i mean actual batman fan, of the cartoons and comics and stuff. and i kinda like DC more. but ill give it to Marvel because Avengers was actually goodο»Ώ as shit. its just that The Dark Knight is on a whole different scale from the avengers. Batman is a very tragic superhero. Avengers is a powerhouse collective that kicks ass. two different boats here.

  16. the avengers was badass…..but this is Batman….you dont beat the Batman……the Batman beats you….it grossed higher then the The Dark Knight and yet it was ONLY Batman…..not the add on of other characters like how theο»Ώ avengers was…so to put it clearly i honestly believe this movie has the potential to beat the Avengers



  19. 12:14 canο»Ώ someone kindly tell me the name of the song that’s playing during this part of the video?

  20. Dammit, in Russia it starts only sinceο»Ώ 26.07.


  22. Batman is more kik ass than any comic book heroο»Ώ so all haters fuk off

  23. People are saying he dies if he does ill be pissed off n think crhis fucked up cuz bruce getsο»Ώ really old he doesnt die but awesome cant wait to c it

  24. of course, the avengers is a fuckin joke. Mediocre movie at best, Dark Knight rises will be oneο»Ώ of the best movies of ALL TIME

  25. Marvel and DC fans need to be in peace from this Marvelο»Ώ and DC war that has been happening for years

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