The Cure: Trilogy – Live In Berlin

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Out of all the bands that emerged in the immediate aftermath of punk rock in the late `70s,THE CURE was one of the most enduring and popular. Led through numerous incarnations by guitarist/vocalist Robert Smith,the band became notorious for their slow,gloomy dirges and Smith’s ghoulish appearance. But the public image often hid the diversity of the Cure’s music. This Blu-ray is a TRILOGY of CURE albums, PORNOGRAPHY, DISINTIGRATION and BLOODFLOWERS,that were performed in th… More >>

The Cure: Trilogy – Live In Berlin

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  1. This dvd is DEFECTIVE. Chapter 9 of the first disc is scrambled and not acceptable. The Cure should be ashamed for releasing this inferior product. Besides chapter 9, the rest of the dvd is good and is worth at least 4 stars.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. It’s a two-disc set of three albums played live –
    Pornography, Disintegration And Blood Flowers. The actual concerts were recorded across two nights in Berlin in
    November in 2002. Trilogy was mixed in 5.1 at Olympic,
    mastered at Abbey Road and authored at Interactive.
    Some of the songs : The Hanging Garden,Siamese Twins,Plainsong,Pictures of You,Closedown,Lovesong,Last Dance…
    Rating: 4 / 5

  3. I live in a rather crap town 8 hours from Winnipeg. And a lot of bands either only hit Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver and nothing else or they do hit Winnipeg. 8 hours to see one damn band for less than 2 hours! So that’s where concert DVD’s come in handy. On this, you get 3 albums performed in their entirety but therein may lay a problem.

    The Pornography set to be quite honest didn’t really catch my full attention. Either it’s because the songs hadn’t quite caught on with me yet or it’s just not good. So either it’s a set/record that you have to re-listen to to “get it” or it just plain sucks no matter how many times, beats me. Next up is the Disintegration and probably my favorite set since it contains stuff like Pieces of You, Closedown, Fascination Street and Love Song.

    The Bloodflowers set is just mildly ok, there’s a couple good songs like opener Out of This World but as a whole it’s like Pornography, may require repeated listens/watches. Disappointly the encores are just weak in terms of quantity: you get If Only Tonight I Could Sleep and The Kiss, 2 admittedly great cuts from Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me but where’s Letter to Elise? Just Like Heaven? Killing an Arab? Forest? Hell I’d even take the cutesy-but-catchy-as-hell Friday I’m in Love.

    As for the sound/picture quality, it’s nice and sharp and the instruments ring clear although sometimes if you have Robert playing an instrument(which is kinda often), one instrument might get drowned out. Also Robert’s vocals are a little off sometimes. It’s kinda depressing in a way to not hear his clear perfect “if only I thought of the right words” bridge from Pictures of You here but oh well.

    The bonus features are nice if maybe a tad short but they’re just bonus to having 3 whole albums performed live with great sound. Now bring on a traditional live release and perform in Winnipeg for once damnit
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. I bought the DVD mainly for the Disintegration Set and the Bloodflowers set.
    The Disintegration set is a bit shaky.I think a lot of that is due to Balmonte`s weak guitar playing during the set.The music just doesn`t seem to have that edge and moodiness that I enjoy in a good Cure concert.They seem to be more worried about making mistakes.
    The Bloodflowers set I found to be pretty bland, sounding virtually identical to the studio version.Balmonte`s guitar doesn`t sound that good either.It`s not his playing that is bad,it`s the sound of his guitar.His guitar setup is wrong or something.
    Although I`m not really a fan of the the Pornography record,the live set on the DVD is the best of the three.
    Overall,I found the DVD rather disappointing and a bit boring to be honest.
    Maybe they should have brought back some of the previous band members as guests i.e. Boris Williams on drums for the Pornography set and Porl Thompson on guitar for the Disintegration set.
    Try and see the DVD first before you decide to buy it.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  5. First of all, too many close ups. They’re all looking a bit ‘pub dad’ nowadays, so more perspective on the light show might have been percipient. Secondly, I remember ‘A Short Term Effect’, ‘Cold’ and ‘Disintegration’ played faster live, originally. The Pornography set seems to be played slower than the album which takes some doing. I can’t see the point of doing a show like this if you’re not going to bring something new to the table, a new interpretation, etc. What’s the point of a ploddingly faithful rendition of the records on stage at this point? Okay, so it’s now a historical document, it’s ‘on the record’ so to speak, but so what? This is about as dynamic as a turtle. Know what a tortoise is? Same thing. Pleasant listening, but it might as well be Pink Floyd. There’s an encore of Kiss stuff. I never understood why this material was left out of the trilogy loop when it sounds little different in style.
    Rating: 3 / 5

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