The Crazies

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George A. Romero’s Original Pandemic Nightmare!Its code name is ‘Trixie,’ an experimental government germ weapon that leaves its victims either dead or irreversibly insane. When the virus is accidentally unleashed in Evans City, Pennsylvania, the small community becomes a war zone of panicked military, desperate scientists and gentle neighbors turned homicidal maniacs. Now a small group of citizens has fled to the town’s outskirts where they must hide from trigger-ha… More >>

The Crazies

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  1. Though George Romero may be best known for his zombie-filled, post-apocalyptic Dead classics, The Crazies is one of those lesser-seen films of his (along with Martin and his team up with Dario Argento, Two Evil Eyes) that should definitely be seen today, and still remains effective as well. Made in between his genre defining Night of the Living Dead and the even superior sequel Dawn of the Dead, The Crazies involves a small Pennsylvania town that becomes the breeding ground for a manmade virus that ravages the populace, which has a habit of turning its victims into homicidal maniacs in the process. Loaded with an apocalyptic atmosphere, plenty of suspense, and enough political commentary that it even remains relevant today, The Crazies may not offer anything you haven’t already seen before in 28 Days/Weeks Later, or even the upcoming remake, but keep in mind that back in 1973, what Romero presented here was something near revolutionary. Blue Underground continues to release some wonderful Blu-Ray’s, and things haven’t changed with The Crazies, which deserves to be in your collection if you’re a horror fan in the least.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. As soon as I Could snag a copy of this BR i was all over it

    George Romero’s The Crazies is by far one of Romero’s Most Under-Rated, Rarely Seen Film (Running neck and neck with Martin)

    You might have seen the Homage to it known as Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later

    Like all of Romero’s Films it has such a Layered Social Commentary on Humanity, Government Cover-ups, and The Break down of Modern Life

    With a Re-make being Released soon (Another George A. Romero Film being Re-Made Hollywood needs to Stop and come up with New Ideas, Stories, Ect. and Leave Classics ALONE!!!!)

    The Original will be the Best way to Understand Romero’s Vision

    It has a Super Raw look and feel (Much like the Original TX Chainsaw Massacre)

    With all the Craziness around the world Involving all types of Flu Strains, and Viruses right now in this day and age

    Romero’s premonition is Shocking to say the least

    I Highly recommend this BR for All Horror Fans

    Blue Underground does a FLAWLESS Job at HD Transfers

    All the Extras from the SD DVD will be brought over with BR Exclusive extras

    Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Get yourself a Hazmat Suit and Prey
    Rating: 5 / 5

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