The Blu Ray Experience: Opera and Ballet Highlights

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Opera & Ballet: The Blu-ray Experience includes opera and ballet highlights from the Opus Arte catalogue, and gives everyone the opportunity to experience the stunning quality of High Definition picture and sound, at an extremely competitive price.

Including world-class artists such as Bryn Terfel, Cecilia Bartoli, Anne Sofie von Otter, Jose Cura, Simon Keenlyside and Agnes Letestu, this 50-minute introduction to the world of Blu-ray is a must-have.

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The Blu Ray Experience: Opera and Ballet Highlights

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  1. But, wish more beautiful chapter for Swan Lake, didn’t find the most popular chapters for my favorite play. Anyway, a good buy at such a good price.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. This BD delivers excellent images and excellent sound. Some chapters are among the bests of the operas/ballets from which they are picked: the Gypsy Chorus from Trovatore, Habanera from Carmen. Others are just OK. But, for the cost, I would have given it 4 stars… if all the chapters played well!

    But they did not! The first 4 chapters played fine, the last 3 played fine, but on the mid 6 chapters my player tried and tried and barely managed to produce some disjoint pictures (good quality stills – but just stills!) and no sound.

    Clearly the disk was defective – as my player is a two-months-old Samsung BD-P1600 that has been working fine with several BDs since it arrived, not rejecting a single one. Defective disk, in spite of not showing any sign of scratch on its surface.

    Surely you would say “return the disk for a refund and buy another one”. Easier said than done… as I live in Brazil and the cost of shipping to here equals the cost of the disk. So I’d rather keep it as is, instead of discussing with Amazon for a refund of the price paid and of the shipping costs to here and back to the US.

    If you live outside the US, think twice before ordering this BD, as you may be unlucky as I was. Or consider if just playing, let’s say, 50% of it, it would still be worthy for you…

    Rating: 3 / 5

  3. This ia a real gem for a low price. The selections are mostly outstanding and the performances are all very good to outstanding. The picture and sound are perfect.

    As with any compendium, I would have chosen some different examples but all of these serve very well.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  4. Meant to be a showpiece of what is available on operatic and ballet Opus Arte BDs, I find this a mixed success and it did not entice me to buy the originals (although I have bought many, more inspite of, than because of, this disc).

    However it is inexpensive so is worth the few dollars asked but I doubt if it would persuade anyone who is not interested in the genre to suddenly collect opera and ballet BDs.

    That said it does illustrate the effectiveness of BD for showing opera and ballet and does include the brilliant (both technically and artistically) “Queen of the Night” aria from Mozart’s “magic Flute” so the disc is worth the cost for this item alone.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  5. This is a great way to get some exposure to ballet and opera. The blu-ray video quality is very good and the choice of all the advanced audio codecs is a bonus.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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