The Art of Drawing The Figure: Essential Exercises

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Artist Bill Buchman demonstrates how to make beautiful drawings of the nude model one step at a time. Buchman, an innovative teacher and excellent communicator, has empowered students and artists of all levels to make progress with the figure beyond their expectations. Using a live model, Bill demonstrates convincingly, on this exciting and useful instructional DVD, his remarkable techniques for creating powerful, beautiful and timeless drawings. Look over Bill’s s… More >>

The Art of Drawing The Figure: Essential Exercises

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    ART IS AN ATTITUDE: The Art of Drawing the Figure

    Essential Exercises by Bill Buchman

    For beginning artists or advanced or professional.

    Color/DVD. Zone-free format: NTSC. 90 min. Nude art model.

    Traditionally, art instruction separates technique from creativity. In this excellent art-instruction DVD, Bill Buchman innovatively uses technique to open up your creativity, to let bloom the soul and expressiveness of your figure art!

    Mr Buchman’s openminded, lighthearted artistic style is about fluidity and flow, free-spirited boldness blended with joy and fun, the pure poetic *art* of a picture appearing from the simple essence of revealing form from what you see. With an almost-zen-oriental philosophy that focuses on the process not the result, Mr Buchman shows you how to use mass, line, contour, direction, and expressive gesture to keep your art loose and free all the time, to let the line, the ink, the paint, have a life of its own. “To draw is to risk,” Mr Buchman reassures us.

    Start and stay with the fundamentals, he says, and keep things simple: “All drawing is simplification.” See the big shapes, the ones that really count, and let the line and values have a life of their own and the sense of the drawing will appear, almost as if by magic. Trust in yourself. Trust in exercises as educational investment. Be confident and patient with yourself; have faith that pure art will emerge from what you do.

    Much like the DVD’s light jazz background music, Mr Buchman is a friendly, pleasant, encouraging teacher, rather gentle and affirming in his approach. He explains things clearly and thoroughly. As for qualifications, Mr Buchman has been an artist and teacher for many years, since he studied life drawing in the 1960s with impressive art mentors, including Victor D’Amico, education director of the Museum of Modern Art.

    This DVD feels full: 90 minutes of one art technique and exercise after another, in the form of a private lesson in Mr Buchman’s studio. You get to look over Mr Buchman’s shoulder as he demonstrates twenty-five fundamental figure-art techniques — including his own invention, the delightful continuous-contour drawing technique he calls “Loop De Loop” — and simultaneously reveals his methods for developing proficiency with conte crayon, gel pen, ink wash, sumi brush, pastels, acrylic ink, watercolor crayons, and even a reed pen (as Van Gogh used). And you can use the DVD’s menu to re-watch particular lessons as you like.

    I personally love realistic, representational art more than any other, but Bill Buchman’s abstract impressionist art — especially when he uses color — is lovely and full of life, in a way even the finest realistic art could never be. I ‘ve collected a hundred books and videos that show me how to draw more realistically, and I treasure each one. But I was delighted to watch this DVD and feel an uplifting permission to be much more free in creating my art and still trust that it will be all right — that what I create will truly be art, maybe even more so than what I’ve been creating for years, so carefully and so cautiously.

    Mr Buchman’s art is not based on realism. This DVD will not teach you to more realistically draw the human face, the hands and feet (in fact, Mr Buchman favors the torso and persuasively argues that trying to render too much detail in face, hands, and feet can ruin a work faster than anything.) This DVD will help you open up your art and make it more creative and fluid and wonderful and enjoyable.

    I heartily recommend it, for artists of all levels.

    Scott Kirkman

    Founder, Figure-Drawing League

    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. The video presents a series of short exercises using different, clearly deomonstrated techniques to approach the figure. These exercises are enlightening. I found the video to be extremely helpful, and I was able to apply the exercises immediately and to good effect. This video is a much more effective teaching medium than a book (even though it is considerably more expensive than a book), and I highly recommend it.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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