TFY Car Headrest Mount Silicon Holder for Game Machine Nintendo Switch and Other tablets, 20.50, 0, $, .

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Suitable only for Nintendo Switch game machine.; Silicon holding net protects and will not scratch the edges of your Nintendo Switch.; Perfect for playing games in a car, leaving hands free to operate the remote controller.; Allows easy access to the buttons and screens of Nintendo Switch.; Note:...

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Works great!!!!! I love it, I wrapped it around the tray table on my flights and stuffed some crap under it to angle it better and it worked fantastic for gaming at 35k feet!EDIT: Also, no one said anything to me for having this mounted and playing during takeoff and landing for 4 flights. So much better than just setting it on your tray table: 1) It can take any amount of turbulence without falling over 2) i can charge it at the same time I play 3) I can play from the moment I sit down until the moment I pull up to the gate holding my wireless pro controller in hand while the switch is securely mounted to the seat in front of me!
Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  I bought this for my son's Nintendo Switch for the car and it works great. Velcro is very strong and sturdy. The elastic bands pull back and fit the Switch very good. It's a good tight fit. I woukd defintely buy another one if I needed to. The price is great and the product is great.
This headrest mount fits our Nissan perfectly! We chose this model because the posts on our headrests are closer than most. So in order to make this work, we wrap the elastic around the headrest horizontally. It feels very secure and we’ve used it to hold an iPhone, iPad Mini and the Nintendo Switch!

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