Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

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  • A decade has passed since John Connor (NICK STAHL) helped prevent Judgment Day and save mankind from mass destruction. Now 25, Connor lives “off the grid” – no home, no credit cards, no cell phone and no job. No record of his existence. No way he can be traced by Skynet – the highly developed network of machines that once tried to kill him and wage war on humanity. Until, out of the shadows of the

A decade has passed since John Connor (NICK STAHL) helped prevent Judgment Day and save mankind from mass destruction. Now 25, Connor lives “off the grid” – no home, no credit cards, no cell phone and no job. No record of his existence. No way he can be traced by Skynet – the highly developed network of machines that once tried to kill him and wage war on humanity. Until, out of the shadows of the future steps the T-X (KRISTANNA LOKEN), Skynet’s most sophisticated cyborg ki… More >>

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

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  1. It’s been 12 years since T2, which means this is one of the most anticipated films in movie history! Arnold looks great, the cast looks promising, the T-X is going be iconic, and from what I hear the story is out of this world. A lot of people don’t expect this film to live up to 91’s Judgement Day, mainly due to the fact that James Cameron is not directing, but my advice for them is…… How do you know if a hot dog is good or not before you taste it? No one has any idea what T3 has in store, it could possibly be the biggest film of the year, so just wait a while before you pass judgement.

    T3 is a guaranteed SMASH! BRING IT ON!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. Finally, a movie sequel that will actully be good!
    Terminator 3 will be the best action/adveture movie of the year…and here’s why.

    1. Jonathan Mostow is the director, his directing stlye (in my oppion) is almost identical to Cameron’s. I know James Cameron probally would have been beter (if he didn’t have backed out of the project); but, Mostow directed U-571 and I know he has what it takes to make T3 a excellent movie.

    2. The film is rated “R”, for no-holds-bar non-stop action and violence. Don’t expect T3 to any censor-oriented scenes. (Unlike the lame “Matrix Reloaded”)

    3. It took the cast and crew a very long time to make this movie. A full 3-min teaser was out for the movie over a year ago.

    4. The special FX’s will astonishing! They will most-likely win an Academy Award, if the Academy dosen’t go politcal and give it to LOTOR for the third straight year!

    5. Just look at the trailers! Seriously! GO LOOK AT THE TRAILERS!!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. Terminator and Terminator 2:Judgement Day shined gloriously in the sci-fi/action movie franchise. Not to mention, these are two of many James Cameron films that spectacular. Now, we have a 2003 Terminator movie. Terminator 3-Rise of the Machines. Even the title “Rise of the Machines” makes it sound like something out of The Matrix blended with a terrible Star Wars movie that was not made by George Lucas (just giving an example.) The movie looks like its strictly all big bang special effects with terrible acting with cut outs from the previous Terminator films. Here’s the prediction of huge flaws for T3.

    1. Arnold looks really old and not as strong as he used to be. Back then, Arnold has huge cannons on his arms, where now, there still pretty big, but not enough to make him ar big and scary as he was in the previous films. We might see him as much weaker in this film 🙁

    2. A FEMALE TERMINATOR WITH A NAME UNORIGINAL TO THE MOVIES! I believe her model is Termi-Matrix or something like that. In the previous films all Terminators were classified by numbers EX. the infamous T-1000. We can already tell that the directors and producers are trying to vear away from the classics and making something fresh and new, which in my opinion, will not come out good.

    3. John Connor looks like a wannabee, trying to be rough and tough Backstreet Boys member. The John Connor they had in T2 was awesome. He was sporting the scars on his face and rugged look, where in this one, he’s got clear skin and a bratty face.

    4. No Linda Hamilton = no Sarah Connor. This is dissapointing to me, because I loved Linda Hamilton’s character, Sarah Connor. She played magnificently, and I’m really going to miss that crazy women.

    5. All of the action sequences look like something out The Matrix and a huge anime film with tons of karate and outrageous gunfights. Hopefully the movie wont be filled with action. In the previous two, there was awesome, heart punding action, but they eventually slowed down and focused more on the story and character development.

    6. NO JAMES CAMERON! Without James Cameron directing T3, you won’t have an awesome addition to the Terminator movies. He’s the man that started it all!

    Overall, T3 just looks like something that the fans demanded to be made, and Hollywood finally gave into it. Like the crew wanted to make it but didn’t really want to, so they threw new things in to make it interesting for themselves.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. At first I was very excited to hear about a new Terminator film, Silly me thinking that just as they had in the last film they would bring back the proper cast. Now I love Eddie Furlong, but I can’t kid myself into thinking he is exactly essential to the film, though it would be a major plus for him to be in it. James Cameron and Linda Hamilton however are a big part of The Terminator legacy, to take a way them, well that alone could destroy the movie.

    Yet it gets worse, at first I was shock and excited to her Michael Biehn was returning, after all if we can’t have John’s mother in this movie why not his father, but them i thought about it. Wait, we know through previous films that Sarah dies after the war starts; we also know that Kyle is born after the war starts as well. One would know that Kyle is born sometime at 1997 when the war starts, perhaps around the year 2000. John is technically about 16-20 years older then his father. So how could Kyle still played by Biehn return as the father of Nick Stahl, who’s playing John in this chapter. Even if Biehn hadn’t age a day since the first Terminator, he would still be too old to be John’s father. There is no way to send him back in time again, because he died. Perhaps they are extremely creative, but I truly see no way to logically have Kyle fit in this movie.

    But, Hey I could be wrong and this movie might blow me away, so maybe I’ll be writing a new review when it comes out, but will the info available now this movie seems pretty sad.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  5. These are the reasons I think this film will fail.
    1. James Cameron Passed on it. That says a lot.
    2. No Linda Hamilton.
    3. John Conner looks like Doctor Bashir from Deep Space 9. Weak. What happened to the tough scar faced John Conner from the future in T-2?
    4. A hot chic Terminator? Give me a break. Talk about cashing in on the strong woman hero fad. I’m sure they are hoping her nude appearance in the beginning will be enough to get the nerds to the theater. Plus the name Termi-matrix? Machines don’t have gender, they have numbers like T100 or T1000, they might as well have called her Brittney.
    5. Another terminator is sent back in time to protect John Conner from another more advanced Terminator, sound familiar?
    6. When will they realize that in order for the machines to finally be beaten John Connner must die. His birth started all this, if he dies then no Terminators would ever have come through time and no parts would have been available to create Skynet
    7. Really bad trailers, this is always a bad sign.
    Rating: 1 / 5

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