TERIOS Wireless Controllers Compatible with Playstation 4 Game Controllers for PS-4 Pro, PS-4 Slim-Built-in Speaker – Stereo Headset Jack Multitouch Pad – Rechargeable Lithium Battery(Black), 28.99, 0, $, .

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Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; What You Need: As a top gamer, you need high-tech and performant gadgets so that you can become the absolute best. That is why we have designed the premium TERIOS 5S wireless gaming controller, the only joystick you will ever want to use again.;...

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This controller surprised me, I bought it for my son to use thinking it was a cheap alternative controller that would get banged up. However, for half the price of the OEM PlayStation controllers, there is a sense of quality here. Motion controls, rumble, touch pad, share buttons, all matching that of the DS4. This controller has comfortable grip pads and two hidden buttons on the back, conveniently placed and reminds me of my Xbox elite controller. Now, if the quality holds, (many of my Xbox elite controllers comfort grips peeled off) then this controller is a steal for this price. No issues syncing up, plug the cable in first and then connect wirelessly. Stereo sound out of the headphone jack per usual. This is a great controller for PS4. Unfortunately, I could only get it to pair wired with my PC and my Android Shield TV. I couldn’t figure out how to pair it over Bluetooth with anything at all, but it connects seamlessly with the PS4 (which it is designed for as stated in the title). Sadly, no Nintendo Switch connectivity. But for this price, easily a buy to save $30 per controller and not give your little brother the Madcatz controller, but an actually fighting chance and possibly, an upgrade? Again, if anything fails, I will update.
I was looking for an inexpensive controller for my son, so this controller looked to be a perfect addition. I was pleasantly surprised at the durability. The controller is a little bit bigger than a normal PS4 controller, which was perfect for me. The controls seemed to have no lag input at all. I played Call of Duty with the controller. (I did not try the turbo function, as I have heard about people being banned for cheating).The battery life is good. I played for several hours, and it still had full battery. I played again the next day for a couple hours with no issues. I charged it after that, although I assume I could have gotten a little more playtime out of the controller. The rubber grips on the side make holding the controller comfortable, and it is pretty lightweight, considering it is bigger than a normal controller.I highly recommend this as a second controller, for nearly half the price of a normal DualShock 4
This is a great price for a controller. I got this in the spare controller, but use it all the time. It is lightweight and it charges pretty quick and I use it for streaming not gaming, so I barely ever had to recharge, it has a good battery. I did see a turbo button on it which I thought was very cool, and it seem to work pretty well but occasionally I have trouble with it getting to work. Other than that it works just great, good as any other high end controller, but without paying crazy price. It was also incredibly easy to connect, only took about a minute. Definitely pleased with it, It is a great bargain.

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