Tenchi Universe – The Complete Boxed Set

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Collect all eight volumes of the Tenchi Universe TV series in a special boxed set. All DVDs are uncut and bilingual. Amazon.com
After a final digression in episode 20 for a bathing-beauty contest–which the bounty hunter Nagi unexpectedly wins–director Hiroshi Negishi returns to the main story line: the cast’s flight from the mysterious usurper who occupies the imperial throne of Jurai. “No Need for a Checkpoint” exemplifies the inspired combination of sci-fi ad… More >>

Tenchi Universe – The Complete Boxed Set

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  1. I saw this on toonami and it was good
    Rating: 3 / 5

  2. I really don’t like the TV series of Tenchi Universe, Tenchi In Tokyo, and the movies. It’s funny, but the storylines are different, and adding Kiyone as a main character is not really smart. I give the TV series a 1 star.

    So instead, I stick with the OAV series like Tenchi Muyo (OAV), Mihoshi Special/Pretty Sammy (the one when Kiyone is lost in space, swears to kill Mihoshi), No Need For Tenchi/All-New Tenchi Muyo books, Tenchi Muyo GXP, and in the future…Tenchi Muyo OAV3! Didn’t you know that some characters from GXP will appear in the OAV3? Plus Tenchi’s mom will appear in OAV3…and her name isn’t Achika Masaki, it’s Kiyone Masaki. So yeah, stick with the OAV series. It’s funnier.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. Some may feel I’m being harsh with a score of two stars, however, if you’ve ever seen the original OAV series you would know I’m not. Universe follows a completely different plot/history from the original Tenchi. Why’s this bad? The original formula was already perfect. Every character connected in some strange way and made you think “Wow, that’s interesting. I never saw that coming.” The characters’ histories and personalities were better developed in the original as well.

    For example: in this Universe series, we’re introduced to character Kiyone ( who wasn’t in the original ). She turns out to be Mihoshi’s ( a Space Police officer ) old partner. Before this series, Mihoshi was a very fun and interesting character with little quirks and hints of a hidden past or unknown truth. But with the introduction of Kiyone, Mihoshi loses all individuality, becoming like a puppy around Kiyone, following at her heels. I doubt one’s even ever seen without the other.

    To make this review short and simple — if you were a fan of the OVA series ( and though to my understanding it was never completed, I still suggest everyone see it ) then you won’t like Universe.

    Universe ruins the perfect balance of plot, story line and character developement seen in the original series. It’s a disappointment, but not as much of a disappointment as the “Tenchi in Tokyo” spinoff, which deserved a rating of 0 stars if that were possible.

    The only thing about Universe I enjoyed were the episodes in which reality within this alternate reality became twisted, sending the characters into foreign lands and points in history, and the final episode which is a decent tribute to the series, but still not original Tenchi Muyo calibur.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  4. Ryoko the dreaded space pirate, Mihoshi the Galaxy Police officer, Ayeka the princess of Jurai, and Washu the greatest genious in the universe what do these women have in common they all love the boy named Tenchi.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. I never heard of this show till one day i was fliping threw channels. I also saw sailor moon for the first time to it was awaesom…. Im in the 11th grade and i still watch cartoons. This sereis is so funny. Its about 2girls who fight over some guy. I don’t have this DVD but i saw the episode on toonami I have all the sailor moon episodes but not tenchi aww. Anyways this show is really cool.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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