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  1. First I bought the live DVD archieve and it was great, I mean Amazing! but then i took the next step and bought the television archieve.

    1. MTV unplugged and live. for the first one it was really amazin seeing bjork transforming all the electronic songs into an acoustic kind of melodic sounds, made with arps, glasses and bongs. in the other hand we got the MTV live that is explosive and futuristic.

    2. inside bjork, is a documental where bjork and other celebrities including Beck, Missy Elliot, Elton John, thom Yorke and others, comment about bjork’s music and life. it’s incredible to watch bjork’s legacy so far and realice she has influenced so many people in the world.

    3. Live with Jools Holland, WHOA it’s only 7 performances but they are the best that i have seen from bjork. I have never seen her singing hyperballad the way she did it there.

    4. Minuscule, this one was a little bit dissapointing because i have seen a lot from the vespertine tour in the extras of the live from Royal Opera House, perhaps this is a deep version.

    5. THe inner part o deep part of an animal, plan or estructure, my favorite is incredible to known the recording proccess of medulla, and all the artists behind it (incluiding tagaq, Love her)and also included medulla in the surround version. WHOA! u should listen this album like this, is even fasinating
    Rating: 4 / 5

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