TalkWorks Tempered Glass for Nintendo Switch Screen Protector (2 Pack) Scratch, Crack Resistant, Easy-Install, Protective Ultra-Thin HD Touch Screen Cover Film Back, 8.99, 0, $, .

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Get the protection you need from any accidental drops and impact, smudges and scratches with a tempered glass screen protector for Nintendo Switch. Ultra thin HD glass is 0.33mm thick, but extremely durable with a surface hardness of 9H and coated with a oleo-phobic layer that is scratch...

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Comes with 2 pieces of rigid glass (the protector), 1 matchbook sized microfiber cloth, and two packs of disposable wet/dry wipes for cleaning.Minus 3 stars for awful/woefully wrong install instructions and no anti-glare.1) This is not anti glare.2) The glass protector is quite rigid. Potential problems for shipping, but box/plastic was packaging was very solid.3) The instructions for application were written by an idiot. Do not hope to "press finger on center, adhesive will spread and you can push out air bubbles". Since this came with two, i gave it a go and, as expected, it worked as poorly as you'd imagine. There is not a significant amount of adhesive (its sufficient, but not so much that pressure on top can really move bubbles) , so do it like every other protector. Line up left edge, and lower while applying slow pressure left to right to let air out. Bubbles under the protector do NOT push out. I was not willing to believe product claim of "Any remaining bubbles will disappear with 24 hours" and found it more sensible to just apply left to right with no bubbles in the first place.4)The protector is 1-2 MM short of covering the exact face of the Switch glass. Not a big issue, but a perfect seam on the left and top will leave 1-2 mm on the right and bottom exposed. Just a heads up.
Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  This worked like a charm I will most definitely order more in the future. You get a 10 out of 10 from me. Obviously you just got to have a decent steady hand and make sure your hands are clean before handling the screen protector and yoir device because if not you'll have oil and other garbage on it and I'm sure you want your screen to look nice and clear. Also, if you run into the air pocket issue like I did, wherever the air pocket is make sure you gently lift a corner or side where the screen protector's are bubble(s) are. Then use your other hand to smooth the side down as you're lowering the protector back down so that the air comes out and your screen is clear of air pockets. If you need a video of how to do this just request it from me if you'd like.
This is a bad product.I went to install this on a brand new, sealed Switch. I had the switch under a large stove fan to draw dust away.The two pieces of glass both had dust stuck on the sticky side of the glass right from the factory. And with no dust removal sticker, impossible to remove. Let alone, no instructions.Id avoid this and save the frustrations...

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