TalkWorks Steering Wheel Controller for Nintendo Switch (2 Pack) – Racing Games Accessories Joy Con Controller Grip for Mario Kart, Blue/Red Combo, 12.99, 0, $, .

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TALK WORKS Steering Wheel Controller for Nintendo Switch is sold as a 2 Pack and transforms your joycon controller into a deluxe Mario Kart steering wheel (see images for details) for Mario kart and other switch wheel racing games for head-to-head driving competition. This Mario Kart Wheel for...

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If you need a wheel, do yourself a favor and just spend $10 on the Nintendo wheel. I bought these as extras for guests, but they are so cheap that guests would rather use a naked, half joy-con.
I bought two sets of these- the red/blue and the pink/green neon combos. I was impressed by how well the colors did actually match, but ended up having to return them.(Side note: The boxes come with a note asking for me to contact the TalkWorks staff first to see about resolving things BEFORE leaving an Amazon review. I did use that contact option but never heard back from them other than the automated response saying that they received my message.)Other thing to note: You must make sure that you slide the joy-con when inserting it into the wheel so that the "+" or "-" symbol on your joycon matches up to the same symbol on the wheel. If you do not do this, the buttons do not meet up with the buttons on the wheel and won't work properly. I believe this is because of the way the joy-cons are designed, and it is nice that these wheels work with both the + and - joycons. *This is likely the case on ALL types of wheels.Now, on to my feedback:Pros: Colors matched REALLY well. They match EXACTLY. I was very impressed, and my kids thought it was the best thing ever. Their squeals of glee were great to hear. :)Cons: (1) The joy-cons seemed to fit well, but were actually a little loose. My kids shook their wheels (wii-style) to do the special moves over jumps in MarioKart and one of the controllers flew out and hit them in the face.(2) The button extensions on the wheel stuck in a down (pressed) position. One child complained because he was stuck drifting constantly and couldn't stop, and another child had her items being thrown as soon as she got them, because the buttons were stuck down. We could manually pull the button up, but as soon as it was pressed again, it stuck again. I looked at the construction of these, and there is no spring or anything to force the button up, it works just by the flexibility of the plastic lever itself. As soon as the plastic stretches at all, the button stops working. Since one arrived broken, and another one stopped working within an hour, I decided it was best to return them all before they all broke.Honestly, if the manufacturer redesigned these so that there was a little spring inside to force the button on the wheel back in the up (not pressed) position, and added some non-slip pads to hold the joy-cons more securely, these would be pretty much perfect. Unfortunately, the current way that the ones we received are designed means that they will break after repetitive usage, and the joy-cons do slip out.We weren't able to find any other wheels that came in all 4 colors that matched our joy-cons, so we decided to try a different type of joy-con holder, that looks more like a normal controller. We'll see if those work any better. 🙂
These are literally game changers! We love Mario kart and have been very happy using traditional Wii U controllers. But our disc fried so we decided to replace it with the Switch version. One round with the tiny switch remotes was enough to turn me off the game. And it’s my favorite video game! So I ordered these wheels and I’m back on the track. They pop in easily and stay in. The buttons for drifting and items are very convenient and easy to use. I highly recommend getting them. It will enhance your game experience tremendously.

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