TalkWorks Charger Cable for PS4 Controller 10 ft (2-Pack) – Long Heavy Duty Braided Micro USB Cord Charging Compatible with Sony PlayStation 4 – Black, 11.99, 0, $, .

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TalkWorks 10ft Micro USB Charger for PS4 Controller allows you to play comfortably from across the room.

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Great Quality works great with playstation 4 remote controllers.
Having two young video game players that can get quite rambunctious playing games the length and quality of the cords is definitely a selling point! They're made of what appears to be a good strong nylon, making it seem almost indestructible to even the most avid game player.
I kind of expected these to be some kind of low-effort entry into the world of Micro USB charging cables, especially for the price, but I was, well, blown away by just how good they actually were. They're considerably better than all of my other cables of this type, and I can use them for any purpose that requires Micro USB. That's something I should really mention: these cables do have their data pins hooked up and operational, so if you're looking for a charging-only cable (if you use public charging stations in airports, for example), these aren't it. For me, that's a huge plus, because these are leagues above all of my other cables, and they end up costing about the same price or maybe just a little bit more. Not only that, but they're officially the most durable cables of this type that I own. They've stood up to being stepped on, having a chair rolled over them, twisted around and abused, and they haven't lost any functionality. The cloth covering and thickness serve to protect the sensitive wires inside extremely well. I highly recommend these as long as you aren't looking for a charging-only cable.

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