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Genre: Action/Adventure
Rating: PG13
Release Date: 12-MAY-2009
Media Type: Blu-RayAmazon.com
What could be a skillful but ordinary action flick gets a surprising emotional heft from the presence of Liam Neeson as the hero. Bryan Mills (Neeson) has given up his career as a spy to form a relationship with his estranged teenage daughter–but when, on a trip to Paris, she’s kidnapped by slavers, Mills uses all his conne… More >>


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  1. Disappointing vigilante film that wastes a great actor like Liam Neeson. I’m sorry, but he just doesn’t cut it as an action hero. And in this day of great action movies like the Bourne Trilogy or ‘Casino Royale’, or even ‘Shoot ‘Em Up’, there’s no reason for this film to be as lame as it actually is.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  2. It appears that several dozens of people liked TAKEN despite its many plot holes (several of which are listed in the professional review on the first page of this marketing site). This film does have much that would appeal to teenage boys: lots of fast-cut action with flying fists and bullets, plenty of “foreign” villains who get wiped off the face of the earth by an American good guy with a righteous cause, and miles and miles of car chases! And, for middle-aged women, it has LIAM NEESON–towering over other men, emoting, flexing his middle-aged muscles, and saying all sorts of heart-fluttering semi-off-color things.

    There are many other heroic-fantasy films which are just as good when it comes to fast, violent action: the BOURNE trilogy, the TRANSPORTER series, and HITMAN with Timothy Olyphant come to mind. If a person, for whatever reason, prefers to see fast action mixed with an erotic component, then HITMAN is superior to TAKEN and these others.

    In this film, Famke Janssen, as Neeson’s character’s ex-wife, is physically quite good looking (but unattractively bitchy most of the time). On the plus side, when it comes to screen presence, Liam Neeson still has it, and his delivery of the few witty lines of the script is effective.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  3. The majority of 5 star reviews really made me want to see this movie. Unbelievable! 5 Star Reviews . . . REALLY? That MUST be a reflection of the immaturity of the viewers or the sheer ignorance of the viewers, it’s hard to tell.

    While the theme and concept are good, the reality of REALITY is just ignored and create success in each pivotal scene just absurd. They’re just not even remotely plausible. Liam’s character seems to be a combination of a Navy Seal, James Bond, Batman, and maybe a tinge of the six million dollar man who never misses a shot, escapes all harm . . . effortlessly and just ridiculously cannot be stopped by machine guns or anything else. This makes me want to see a science fiction movie just so I can get a plausible story line.

    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. Taken made by the same French team that made the Transporter flicks. Clueless mother lets her daughter go on a trip to Europe with only another girl who just supposedly turned 18. They get kidnapped by an Albanian ring who specialize in white slavery, etc. Liam Neeson, the father, is an ex some kind of special op’s for the government. In other words, he knows how to take care of business. He goes over to Paris and proceeds to become a one man Albanian butt kicking crew. I believe he kills or maims half the Albanians in Paris before he gets his daughter back! If you have ever seen Mystery Science Theater, with the robot making fun of the proceedings , then that was I watching this flick. Neeson does a great acting job keeping a straight face throughout. Lots of silly action and over the top fighting and graphic violence. Give it a 2 for the amusement factor.

    The glowing reviews for this film makes me believe that the criteria for the action genre has sunk to a new low. The plot is so obvious that a 7 year old can follow it. It is simplistic, banal, and utterly predictable. The film takes itself too seriously, and has little relation to the actual kidnapping problem in Europe. The film would have been more palatable if done tongue in cheek. Where is the nuance? The bad guys take incompetence to a new level, while the good guy performs at superhero level. I think that these types of movies appeal to the reptilian brain in all of us. We jettison all critical facilities because our deep emotional needs for order are met at a basic level.

    Rating: 2 / 5

  5. Thanks to a torrent of derivative divorced-but-still-relevant-dad nonsense, (he gifts his princess the karaoke machine, the step-dad answers with a thoroughbred) plus an imaging trick first imagined in “Blow-Up” — with a later techno-twist in “Bladerunner” — some thinly imitated Bourne-Trilogy action sequences all triple-cherry topped by an incredibly tone-deaf (considering Bush-era policy) instance of torture, “Taken” should simply be given back. And because all that Liam’s improbable rescue manages to accomplish is to assure the music industry the possibility of yet another teeny bop pop singer, after a 6,000 mile-long bloody trail we the audience aren’t even rewarded with a happy ending.

    Neeson is a fine actor, his presence being the only draw here. But the writer and director have him behave like Lancelot at the Wedding (Grail, The Holy), leaving a wake of mutilation and death that easily outweighs the main character’s more ennobling purpose. It’s a shame Neeson has chosen to add his name to the canon of these mindless revenge films that posture in reality while constantly resorting to fantasy in order to advance the action (after all, there is no extant plot to advance).

    For a much more penetrating view of this particular form of moral complexity, please consider watching Ron Howard’s underrated “The Missing” (again: daughter kidnapped to be sold as a white slave, rescued by estranged [grand]father and his daughter, her mother) or “Shotgun Stories” (sister murdered) instead, films which forgo reflexive fatalism — unlike this cliché and corrupting bit of fluff.
    Rating: 1 / 5

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