Switch TV Dock, VOGEK Replacement for Nintendo TV Dock Station Portable Charging Docking Playstand for Nintendo Switch Charge and Play with Type C to HDMI TV Adapter, USB 3.0 2.0(Black), 29.99, 0, $, .

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Portable & Lightweight: Nice small dock alternative for the switch. Save space and travel friendly. compact and lightweight so it fits your pocket, switch carrying case and switch travel bag! You just need to take this dock and original wall charger. Ideal Replacement for Your Official Nintendo...

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I have been using this dock for about a week now and so far it's been working great. The original switch dock leads to overheating, so it's best abandoned asap. I feel it's a better value than the defway switch dock that it replaced. The reasons are as follows:1) The dock is a lot wider, so the switch sits solid on the dock and doesn't rock sideways back and forth like it did on the defway.2) Once docked, the video auto switches to the connected monitor. Unlike on the Defway, where I had a hard time getting the green button to light up and getting the monitor to display the switch.3) The front light that shows connection to the dock is a small subtle green. It's not annoying like the big green light button.4) There are 3 usb ports available. I used the USB 3 port with my USB 3 key and it's been working great.5) Plenty of ventilation.6) Cheaper than the Defway dock by 5 dollars.I have been playing on the dock for many hours now, I think it's a good quality product.
I was looking for an alternative switch dock and this one really works. I like how this one looks. In my opinion, it looks a lot more cleaner and sleeker and you dont have to worry about scratching up your screen on the Nintendo Switch with the original dock! This is perfect if you have multiple TVs in your home and your looking to have an extra dock. It's so portable I can take it with me anywhere as well.
Nintendo Switch Dock replacement. I was given used switch for my birthday right after COVID19 hit. I absolutely love my switch and love playing the old school and nostalgic video games. It is a great system but I was unable to play it on my TV because the dock wouldn’t display the switch screen on the TV. I ended up purchasing a USB C HDMI dongle shortly after but I didn’t like the fact that the switch would lay flat on my entertainment center as well as the dongle would get extremely hot. I recently decided to spend some more money and purchase a different and cheaper dock a few days ago right before I bought this one...waste of money! I was so mad and decided to try one more time....and found this lil sleek guy. This dock is amazing! It’s sleek design and function are great! It was super easy to set up, make sure you put in the power cord first then the HDMI cable and then the Nintendo switch, and displayed right away! There is a button on the back where you can switch it to display on the switch itself or on the TV as well as USB ports for any accessories or mic you many want to plug in! It also charges my switch and the joy cons! You absolutely cannot go wrong with this purchase! If you’re looking for an alternative to the expensive official Nintendo switch dock, this is the one you should get!

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