Switch Controller for Nintendo Switch, Replace for Nintendo Switch Controller, Switch Pro Controller Work with Nintendo Switch/Lite, BEBONCOOL Switch Controller with Turbo, Vibration, Motion Functions, 26.51, 0, $, .

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Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch Compatible for Nintendo Switch/Switch Lite High Performance Pro Controller:The switch remote controller is the best 3rd party switch pro control. This wireless switch controller supports motion controls, 6-axis gyro somatosensory,auto sleep, TURBO and...

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This is a really amazing wireless Nintendo Switch controller. First of all, the instruction is quite clear about how to pair it with the Nintendo Switch, and it is easy to pair it (just need to hold the Y and Home button simultaneously for 2 seconds). I really like the design of the controller itself. The blue and red color matches my joy-cons, and I even slightly prefer the holding felling of it over the joy-con grip comes with the Nintendo Switch because the shape is close to the controller of Xbox One, I guess I am more used to that. Meanwhile, the battery lasts pretty long, which is about 12 hours, and it got fully charged really quick. It is friendly for long-time playing such as playing with families. In addition, I really like the motion sensors of this wireless controller, especially when I was playing Mario Cart. It makes me feel like I am totally in the game. Now I am exciting to try it with other games engaging motion sensors. Another feature of this wireless Nintendo Switch controller I really like is the 3 levels adjustable vibration of weak, moderate, and strong. I personally prefer the strong one because it provides me with more fun when I go fishing in Animal Crossing. (I like the vibration when I got sharks, but bad lucks in getting an oarfish.) Generally, it gets all the buttons and the features of the joy-cons. It can take screen shot and it even has the turbo function. All of the buttons are smooth and subtle, and I haven’t experienced any drift problems. It is a good choice for a second player controller considering the comparison of the prices of the official one. The quality of this wireless Nintendo Switch controller worth its price.
 Listen, if you’re in the market of a controller for your Nintendo Switch. Get this one! Best value for your money! Great quality! It does feel comfortable to hold. The pairing/set up was easy. We are definitely getting another one! 5 stars.
Controller play double vibration motor switch. A long-lasting built-in battery lasts over half a day. The controller is uniquely designed, does not need to do too many operations to use just press a switch, the use to play easier. Suitable for everyone from young to old and is a special gift for Christmas or birthday.

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