Switch Controller Charging Dock Station Compatible with Nintendo Switch & OLED Model Joycons, KDD Switch Controller Charger Dock Station with Upgraded 8 Game Storage for Nintendo Switch Joycon & Games, 14.95, 16.99, $, .

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Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; ⭐ 【Better Replacement for Nintendo Switch Original & OLED Model Joycons Charging Dock】 This Switch controller charger dock station matches the switch TV dock station for OLED model & Original version perfectly, charging 6 joycon...

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Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  Was a bit concerned with using a 3rd party charging station but so far this thing has been awesome! The LED indicators for when they're done charging are really convenient. The fact that I can charge all my controllers after a long session of Smash Bros is awesome! An I personally like the look of it as well.
This thing is compact and convenient, so it’s great for my needs because I do not like clutter. It connects simply to your dock - its plug and play just like that. Has a little dimple so you can still dock your Switch with Joycon attached to it with no problem. Perfect! Charging JoyCon is easy. Just slide the end on there and you’re good. For the price here, you’re getting a nice solution. Had not heard this brand before so I was skeptical but even the box is higher quality than I expected. It also has those grooves where you can put game cartridges. Nice added feature, but I won’t be using it, in fear that my precious Zelda cartridge may get damaged from sliding in and out, cuz it has a tight grip on it.This thing is not without flaw though. One minor complaint - these charging lights. They get the job done, so this isn’t a deal breaker, but they’re not always 100% accurate from the get go. For example, I had 4 dead JoyCon, and when I slipped them on, only 3 of the lights showed red. My purple JoyCon showed green. No. I checked via my Switch and it said that JoyCon was depleted.. About 30 seconds later, it finally turned red. However. A few hours later, all of the lights turned green and I knew that they were all charged up! But then I did another test.. I popped in a 100% charged JoyCon and the light showed red. Took about 10 seconds for it to show green.So it definitely gets the job done. You just have to give it a few seconds to read accurate. Either way, pop your dead JoyCon on there and they will get charged. Another thing I would have liked to see with these lights are an auto shut off. The lights are always on, even if there’s no JoyCon in them. I don’t like a bunch of lights so I would prefer they only light up when a JoyCon is attached. This device DOES have an On/Off switch though, so you can always turn the lights off manually if ya wanted.Overall, I don’t regret getting this. It gets the job done, doesn’t break the bank, and it’s 2 day shipping with Prime.
I am an avid gamer and I'm always trying to find the latest and greatest gaming accessories. I stumbled upon this and had to give it a shot, as the Switch has a ton of accessories and this looked to be one of the more unique ones. I will say upon receiving it I was surprised by how small it was. I don't know why I was expecting it to be bigger. I like the game slots a lot, and I think they're a cool addition. The slots for the controllers themselves are also very strategically placed to accommodate both left and right joy cons. I also like that it has an extra USB slot in case I need to charge my pro controller. As I was charging two joycons and my procontroller I did note that the led lights did go out every now and then. But then they charged fully no problem. I guess it was the extra power being used to charge my dead pro controller. I also kind of wish it somehow stayed more connected to the dock as it tends to move separately from the dock when moved, but of course you're probably not expecting to move the dock too terribly much. Overall it's great and does its job, but may not be able to handle too many things plugged in at once.

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