Switch Controller Charger Dock Station for Nintendo Switch Joycon&Pro Controller, OIVO Upgraded 5-in-1 Switch Remote Controller Charger for Nintendo Switch – 2.8FT Type C Cable Included, 14.88, 26.99, $, .

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Product Specifications: 1.Scope of application: Switch Controller and Pro Controller or gaming console. 2.Input voltage: Type-c_5V 3.Charging current: 200 mA*4, Imax=220mA *4 4.Product material: ABS material & Acrylic 5. LED Indicator: Red - Charging; Green - Fully Charged About US: OIVO focus on...

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Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  I love how this charger has slots for 4 joycons and a pro controller. Really simple to set up and use.
I bought this dock because I own similar docks for my other console controllers with rechargeable batteries and wanted one for my Switch to keep all my controllers in the same place. I have a Pro Controller and the original grey Joycon that came with my Switch, but also plan to pick up another set of Joycon in the future for impromptu smash matches among friends at parties or wherever. So basically I bought this dock so i could have room to grow in order to have all my controllers ready to go and so far I'm very satisfied with my dock.The dock itself looks pretty nice, the front where the charging indicators and logo (which is lit up in white) are are fairly bright, but not bright enough to brighten my small room which is nice for me because that has been the case with other docks that I've had to give to friends for the same reason. The black plastic looks very clean and goes well with the Pro Controller as well as the gray Joycon.My Joycon slot in nicely, though I should point out it's pretty easy to accidentally plug them in backwards like I had done. Thankfully, it didn't seem to break them in any way so it's nice to see that they took into account how easy it is to do this. There's a little bit of "fishing" for the USB type C connection for your Pro Controller which means if you're not careful you can possibly scratch the top of your Pro Controller, but I also couldn't see any way they could've improved on the design so I'm fine with this but it may be something that might concern you if you own special versions of the Pro Controller.Overall, if you need a charging dock for your Pro Controller as well as two sets of Joycon Controllers, you can't go wrong.
Really cool joy con and pro charger. I really like how it can hold four joycons and and a pro controller all at once. What else is neat are the lights on the front that show how they are charging (red/green). Something that i sometimes worry about is when controllers sit for long periods on some charging stands and overcharge when they are not in use causing the battery life to decrease overtime in the controllers but this stand has an on and off switch so no need to worry about that.

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