Switch Controller, BEBONCOOL Switch Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch / Switch Lite, Replacement for Nintendo Switch Controller, Wireless Switch Controller With Auto Turbo Motion, Vibration, 29.55, 0, $, .

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🎮 [ For Nintendo Switch/Switch Lite]-- This switch controller for nintendo switch is compatible with both Nintendo switch and switch Lite. The pro switch controller with same function as Nintendo switch controller official supports turbo, motion, vibration and supports most of popular...

User reviews

 This is a nicely design controller that works well with the Nintendo switch. Beside the feel in my hands that I like, I am also enjoying the responsiveness of the the directional pad, buttons, and joy sticks. I am more of a fan using the "pro" style of controller like this than the joy cons that came with the system. the vibration feedback feature works well and is my favorite feature.
 This gamepad is very fun. My kids love it. It has a long battery life. This controller is suitable for running out of sports games such as NBA FIFA and NFL. well
I am not a gamer, but the kids are. They had this controller up and running in seconds with the switch – before I even had time to get the instructions from the box. I’ve asked them about how the controller feels, etc to make sure that I’m purchasing a quality product. Even though it was a fairly inexpensive item, they said that the controller feels good in their hands, the weight is perfect, the size is not too small and that it doesn’t feel flimsy (as if they would drop it out of their tight clutches when gaming). The battery hasn’t given out on them yet in hours of gameplay and the buttons are responsive - no lag as with some wireless controllers. The only problem is that you are going to have to purchase a second controller to match this one for the other kid. Price is comparable to other 3rd party controllers out there, and is much cheaper then the official controller being sold by Nintendo – but definitely comparable.

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