Switch Accessories Bundle – Orzly Geek Pack for Nintendo Switch: Case & Screen Protector, Joycon Grips & Racing Wheels, Switch Controller Charge Dock, Comfort Grip Case & More – JetBlack, 46.74, 69.99, $, .

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  • Brand: Orzly
  • Hardware Platform: Nintendo switch
  • Item Weight: 5.3 ounces
  • Package Dimensions: 12.4 x 10.5 x 3.5 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer: Orzly
  • ASIN: B07XBV69PY
  • Date First Available: September 3, 2019


Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; ULTIMATE Switch Accessories Bundle: The Orzly Geek Pack includes everything you need to make the most of your Nintendo Switch console; ESSENTIAL NINTENDO SWITCH ACCESSORIES: The pack includes basic accessories such as protective cases & screen...

User reviews

First and foremost there was nothing missing from the package. Everything that came in the box is laid out in the picture., now straight to the point:I saw in comments that come pouches arrived smelling a bit awful, which not was the case for me. It's very sturdy, and the zipper is quality. when you close it you can feel how secure it is. It's very spacious, and the switch fits well in there. I spent the day out with my daughter and we carried the switch around in the pouch as we went shopping and did some errands to give it a test run. And felt great. Sturdy and secure 100%. And it fits pretty much everything it shows in the pictureAs far as the protective case for the switch, I personally use the Mumba Blade Series case, and yes, it fits in theOrzly pouch perfectly, it takes up the same amount of space as the Orzly one. I did try out the Orzly one for reference, and it was works well, it does the job, but it is not something I would personally keep for myself. It fits snug, its not flimsy, and it does give a sense of security, but it doesn't match up to the Mumba Blade series. And I have seen a few people asking if the Mumba cases fit properly. So the answer is yes! The second picture I posted shows how it sits inside the pouch, which uses as much space as the Orzly one.The tempered glass protector is fantastic, easiest installment I have ever experience. Just line it up against the corner and let it go, not need to apply extra pressure. I heard some bad comments about the dust stickers, I used it once myself, but on the tempered glass itself, not on my switch screen, and it worked perfectly because I did let a dust bubble get it in there at first. I also posted a picture post installment. Literally took me 30 seconds.Joy-con grips and steering wheels were a good fit. Although I currently have no game to really put them to the test,I pretended to use them and they seemed to work well, but I cannot attest if the triggers work properly.The stand is great, its something I personally wanted because the Mumba Blade doesn't come with a stand, but it sits very well on there which I am very happy about. As far as the headphones go, they do the job, they do exactly what you expect them, just don't expect bose quality. I definitely plan on using them. the double-sided pen is a nice touch. but something I plan to use, but will still keep in my bag though. The custom analog grips are great, but if you have the large ones on you'll have trouble closing the case. The medium-sized ones work best in my opinion. And the charging port is great, looks modern and cool when charging.Overall, it's definitely worth a buy IMO, I was going to purchase the pouch and screen protector alone and it was going to run me $29. Spend the extra $25 and get this awesome bundle. I recommend it.
Such a great value for everything you get! This comes with almost everything you need to jump right into your Switch.• The screen protector goes on perfectly smooth and protects without adding glares or smudges. (Plus it comes with two!)• The charging port was my favorite item. The lights are an awesome touch and it plugs right into the Switch system. Works for 4 joycons or 2 wireless controllers.• The protective case fits perfect. We haven't dropped ours luckily, so not sure how well it protects.• My fiance's biggest problem with the joycons was how small they are, especially the joysticks. The little joystick grips help so much for his larger hands! They're his favorite accessory.• The travel case is a tough box shape so if someone accidentally sits or sets something on it, it'll hold it's shape to protect the Switch on the go, which is great!• There's so many more items this box came with that were great, too! But you can read the list in the description. This is honestly one of the few items I've bought on Amazon that I have not one bad thing to say about. It was such a great price for everything it came with.
after 2 long weeks of waiting it finally arrived and i'm very pleased! nothing is missing and everything seems of good quality and doesn't have a cheap plastic feeling to me. the comfort case and thumb grips make holding the switch much more comfortable and the carry case is very nice! the charging station works and seems sturdy. the joycon grips and wheels are AWESOME. the playstand looks good but i do question how stable it really is. i havent tried putting on the screen protector yet but it seems nice upon first glance. my reasons for only 4 stars are i really don't like the game cartridge holder :/ i feel like i have to really force the cartridge in and out and i worry i'll scratch or even break the cartridge... it even broke my nails trying to get the cartridge in and out. so i dont think i'll be using that. i also won't be using the stylus pen for fear of using the wrong end and scratching my screen and the headphones are junk but if you have literally no other mic then they'll work fine for youoverall i'm very pleased and if you're on the fence about buying then i say take the plunge! especially if you're like me and had no accessories at all for your switch yet :)EDIT: so i went to apply my screen protector and unfortunately there was already dust on the adhesive side of one of the touch screens making it unusable :/ the second was fine and went on without issues but i'm still a little disappointed i only got 1 screen protector instead of 2

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