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The Mario Party series is coming to the Nintendo Switch system with super charged fun for everyone! The original board game style has been kicked up a notch with deeper strategic elements, like specific Dice Blocks for each character. The game also introduces all new ways to play, including Joy...

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Very good, me and my wife were have serious marital problems. There was no connection anymore, no love that bound us together like it did in our 20s. It was hard to even look at each other without spite in our eyes, that only kinda look reserved for someone you loathe. And since our daughter is just starting her sophomore year at Watkins as an art major (don’t get me started on that old chestnut), and our good for nothing son that just graduated and is living somewhere in Colorado, probably smoking that “weed” whilst acting like a jackass, we have nothing to distracts ourselfs from the plain and simple fact that we don’t enjoy each other’s company. That is, until we find Mario party. Everytime we play, I forget that I sign half of everything I own away in a prenup I didn’t read because I was “young” and “in love”. My wife tells me frequently that her favorite part of the game is when you punch the dice to roll your turn, as to release pent up aggression that she feels when I stumble in late at night wearing the scent of stale tobacco, two full glasses of vodka, and perfume that she doesn’t own. All in this game is a hoot and and only is now getting old, which now after my life experience is that I should probably return game and run as fast as I can the other way. That’s why I haven chosen four stars as my rating.
ITS ACTUALLY AMAZING ok so yeah you can only use one joycon like there's not even an option to use both which is kinda bummer BUT it only lets you use one because most of the minigames require you using the joycon in random ways I legit havent had this much fun since the mic peripheral was used on the GameCube Some of the games had me shouting WUTHEFUHHH BEVAUSE IT WAS JUST SO INGENIOUS LOL well it's fun and that's all there really is to it
Another simple yet perfect game from Nintendo. I saw that this game was out and had to get it. The last time I played Mario Party was on the Nintendo 64. Picked this game up, had a few friends over, and the fun never stopped. Great game to play with friends. I think where this game really nailed it is how it secretly levels the playing field between hardcore and casual gamers. I am quite good at gaming, and yet I've played this game with my fiance and she is not game-savvy, but yet I find myself at a 50/50 with the mini-games. As you could be competitive playing this game, it is in my opinion one for friends and families to play together to crack up and laugh. Definitely worth playing!

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