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Discover (or rediscover) three of Mario’s most memorable adventures all in one package—available on the Nintendo Switch system; Take these three adventures on the go with the Nintendo Switch system’s handheld or tabletop mode; Jump into paintings to collect Power Stars and save Princess Peach in...

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My rating does not reflect the quality of the 3 games included. Each is a masterpiece and handles well. In terms of compilation quality, this is pretty poor. There are no options for the video. There is no ability to remap buttons. The menus are super basic and offer one special feature: soundtracks. There's no concept art, interviews, scans of the instruction manual, box art, basically anything other collections have done far better than this effort from Nintendo. If you go in expecting no bells and whistles, you shouldn't feel surprised by the lack of bonus content. Essentially, you'll learn more from YouTube videos delving into the history of these games than you will from the compilation itself.
Don’t buy this is a scam item, scalped and ripping off buyers like me. It’s not right or fair. There are more copies of this game available elsewhere and it will be available digitally with NO Stocking issues for the time being.
I'm only familiar with Mario 1-4 and Odyssey and a couple other 2d games from the series. Love old games and platinum'd Meat Boy, Sekiro, and nearly Death Stranding so I'm used to hard and frustrating, but holy cow 64 and Sunshine need quality of life updates BAD.Played a bit of Mario 64 and had to stop because the camera is just awful and it has not aged well. Unless you're already really familiar I just don't see anyone enjoying it unless you REALLY like kinda clunky 3d platformersI'm 33 stars into Sunshine and it's just such a slog getting kicked to the main area every single time you die that I'm already getting tired of it.L1 brings up a map which has a 3 second animation to open and close every time you accidentally press it trying to long jump or whatever.long unskippable cutscenes, slow text boxesYour fludd nozzle gets changed anytime you go anywhere so i tend to fall to my death expecting to have the hover jets equipped constantly but nope.It's by far the most charming 3d Mario I've played but it's rough.Just started Galaxy and it still has the Wii UI and you have to use motion controls just to select a save spot and start the game. changing my rating to 1 star, i hate this and am going to sell it as soon as i get tired of SunshineEdit*64 doesn't get better than just jumping around the castle for me, the levels are just not very fun.Got 83 stars in Sunshine and im not bothering with the last 2 red coin missions. It's a buggy, untested game with lots of charm but it generally kinda sucks outside of aesthetics. Every problem I listed annoyed me the entire playthrough. Also every single thing involving yoshi is bad. Feeding him, the unmovable egg, spawn location, dying in water, and i think he just explodes when his fruit meter runs out? i honestly dont get why they even put him in this game. its just redundant with fludd, he jumps slightly higher and sprays water... cool.Galaxy is weird. collecting sparkles sucks and it has the worst camera of the bunch, touchscreen is bad, button prompts are big shaking joycons, and the beginning is kinda awful. but once i started crawling around on the giant bee it got a lot better. I might like this one, not sure yet

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