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A fast paced 1 to 8 player party action game that fully utilizes the new and unique Nintendo Switch! Bomberman, the iconic party-battle game, is returning as ''Super Bomberman R'' On the Nintendo Switch and will be released alongside the launch of the new system For home and on-the-go fun! Dive...

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8 local players! The kids loved it! It took a little work to get all 8 players in. You need to set all joy cons to horizontal mode while in the game and I think it is on the player selection screen, but once we got 8 players going it was a ton of fun!
With the release of the latest patch this game is just great. With computer opponents on the new weak setting they don't totally dominate multiplayer and it is so much fun(especially with 2-3 other people playing locally). The controls are spot on now and the graphics/framerate are great. I finished a run through story mode and the levels only taking coins a couple times to continue means you end up with a decent amount of coins as a reward after finishing a world even if you die a bunch in the process. For me the game went from 2-3 stars as it was initially released to 4-5 stars now. The plot and voice work in the story mode is still cheesy but the game play is tons of fun and it's a big hit with my whole family now (my wife was even joining in for multiplayer battles)
I waited since bomberman 64 the second attack for this....I have no idea if I am pleased.Gameplay: The Game plays like the Snes and NES versions which I did not expect. Place bombs everywhere and try not to get blown up yourself, you will have to defeat a set of monsters or find a key usually hidden in objects.Campaign: the game has 6 worlds which are very short with one of them only being a boss battle, each world pits you against one of the evil bombers the fights are awesome, but I expected something like the 64 games.Controls: are superb, they are what you expect them to be.Multiplayer: the best thing about the game is the multiplayer, you can play locally with youre friends or online if you win you get points which can be used for characters, suits and levelsI hope the next Bomberman game is longer brings classic characters back (Nitros, Regulus) and makes it a world instead of a arena.

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