Stargate SG-1 Season 6 Boxed Set

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The biggest change for Stargate SG-1’s sixth season was its move to the Sci-Fi Channel. Financial rescue or genre haven from cancellation? Whatever the behind-the-scenes politics, the departure of Daniel Jackson (actor Michael Shanks) the previous year most certainly contributed to the need to run a tighter ship somewhere. With the addition of his replacement, Jonas Quinn, the new show dynamic (hinted at by the new title theme) meant far more convolutedly involved story arcs… More >>

Stargate SG-1 Season 6 Boxed Set

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  1. This season of Stargate is one of my alltime favorite purchases from the internet or even from a store. This show is awesome, and is highly recommended. I also got great value and benefitted from the books “Wisdom Daddy Taught Me” and “Secrets of Sensual Lovemaking” and the video “Rawfully Good,” and the awesome instructional dvd “New Sex Now.”

    I would enthusiasticly advise any of my friends to buy all of the above.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. This one makes six straight seasons of good Science Fiction televison. While Daniel Jackson is mostly gone now, replaced by Jonas Quinn, the stories generally still manage to achieve a high level of just about everything.
    I liked the Osiris and Thor bits, and I thought “The Other Guys” was a bit too silly (it had a few Star Trek joke bits and Enterprises John Billingsley was a guest). The Air Force starship “Prometheus” was ridiculous becasue it would take far too many years to design and build such a massive object(It’s only been about 7 years or so since Earth first ran into the Goa’uld, you’d need more time than that just to understand the technology let alone even think of using it)
    The best parts of the episode “Descent” were the water scenes in which Carter and O’Neill almost drown in a corridor (that was a specially built set made up to be sunk in a deep pool)and the one in which Jonas must do a little underwater circuit work to save them.
    “Frozen” was one of my favorite episodes ;the body of a woman is found frozen in ice in Antarctica not far from the location of the second Stargate found on Earth. She revives during the thawing process and is determined to be from Earth’s distant past, probably one of the Ancient races that really did build the Stargate system. Unfortunately she’s infected with some virus, alomst kills everyone in the lab. In the end she saves them but dies in the process. O’Neill can’t be saved so the Tok’ra take him away to be, grudgingly, temporarily implanted with a symbiote. The next episode “Abyss” was a sequel to this one, and was pretty sloppy in some ways, it did have Daniel Jackson appearing to O’Neill to help him out.
    As always you’ve got O’Neill’s humorous/ dumb commentary in each episode, sometimes that guy can seem too stupid for the job.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  3. I have learned to expect TV shows to become less fresh, maybe boring, after five or six years. Not this one.

    One of my favorite parts of this series are the off-world episodes where SG-1 meets usually primitive cultures outside the main storyline. These remain as strong as ever in season 6. As do the Earthbased villian episodes, and while our buddy Apophis has been [very likely] dead for a while, the Goa’ulds that filled his power vacuum are not any nicer… (a good thing)

    We thought we lost Daniel. We didn’t. Instead of losing an influential character, we gained another great one (Quinn). And though this season may not have the serious-while-sidesplittingly-whimsical episode like Wormhole X-Treme! or Window of Opportunity, wow, aside from possibly a slight decline in humor this series is as strong as ever in season 6.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. To be honest, and Im sure MGM will do this, wait until they put all the series on blue laser DVD – Blue laser DVD players just came out and when they expand and replace red laser DVD’s you will be kicking your self for not waiting – because of the storage capacity Im sure they could fit an entire season on 1-2 DVDs as opposed to five.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  5. I like many of the other reviewers, had never seen this show. Then one Christmas, as a gift and a replacement for Season 1 of Enterprise (not out as of this review) my brother purchased the boxed set of Stargate-SG1 Season 1 fron our local mall. Being at home, graduating from college, I managed to find some free time to flip on the SCI-FI Channel and caught 3 episodes in season 1 and I was hooked. I considered buying it from Amazon until I was hinted not to. Even knowing one of the gifts I got for Christmas did not ruin the excitement when I opened the box. Since then, I’ve had that same excitement every time I order a new season from Amazon (2-6).

    Some might say that with the departure of Dr. Jackson, the show fell a notch or two, but I disagree. If Micheal Shanks was unhappy at the time, let him be unhappy, and let the show staff pick someone who will exhibit the excitement I shared above. Coren Nemeck was that person. Although the staff took a great risk with this action, ignore it because the intriguing plot lines and interesting twists will “hook you” regardless of who plays what role.

    That being said I would encourage you to do what I did and start at Season 1 so you understand the plot lines and twists. You’ll be glad you did.

    A note on Enterprise: What’s the big deal, just because IMO a great show airs on a second rate network doesn’t mean it’s not great. Tune in and you would realize that Season 2 was very much like Stargate in the idea that the entire season was focused on character development and ONE plot line.

    Patiently waiting on Season 7 on DVD
    Excitedly watching and
    waiting on New SCI-FI Fridays (9-8C)
    Yours Truly,
    Rating: 5 / 5

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