Spears & Munsil High-Definition Benchmark Blu-ray Disc Edition

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  • Calibration patterns for all major display controls
  • Evaluation patterns for measuring display and player quality
  • Clips to test deinterlacing performance
  • Samples of different video and audio codecs
  • All patterns created at 1080p in native color space using custom software

Product Description
Stacey Spears and Don Munsil, who created the highly-regarded DVD Player BenchmarkTM and Progressive Scan Shootout at Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity®, have applied all their technical wizardry to this Blu-ray test and evaluation disc.

“The static test patterns represent the current state-of-the-art. They are more accurate than the test patterns found on previous discs. There are a lot of subtle details that go into making them as mathematically accurat… More >>

Spears & Munsil High-Definition Benchmark Blu-ray Disc Edition

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  1. Don’t expect much from this disc. It’s good only for the basics: Brightness, contrast, color, sharpness. It offers no help whatsoever beyond that. Other tools included are for diagnosis only, so it doesn’t tell you how to fix them. The website is useless. It has only what you get on the booklet that included with the disc. It improved the picture of my Samsung LN40B630 by no more than 25-30%.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  2. I have a rear projection TV. This is really great for getting your contrast, brightness, sharpness, color, and tint settings correct, but lacks for other areas. There is only one item helpful for setting/correcting geometry issues. I guess I was expecting more for the price. I thought my TV would look like a professional had calibrated it when done. Not so much. I would say this helps the do-it-yourselfer, but it will not replace a professional job.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  3. given the previous reviews, was hoping for better results from using this. factory settings on my samsung were actually better. not for me but perhaps others will find it more helpful.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  4. The goal was to properly calibrate my new 1080p front projector, but I dont believe this disc is the right tool for the job. I dont know if I was misled or just misinformed, as this seems to be more of a tool to evaluate your blu-ray player. Even that is confusing, as there is no real explanation for the cadence test clips provided. The biggest disappointment is the lack of support for setting gray scale or color. My disc came with no filter strips or glasses. The instructions are very brief notes, presented only as side bars. I feel that this is a reference tool for those that really know what they are doing and need no instruction. I have past experience servicing crt monitors yet I consider myself an average home consumer, and for me this tool falls way short.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  5. The Spears & Munail High Definition Benchmark Blu-Ray Disk provide a simple step approach to guiding a novice user on calibrating full spectrum and get the most from your HD TV // Blu-Ray Player. Higly Recommend to any user who wants the best possible picture without callining in an a pro to calibrate your TV.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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