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Sony Playstation 4 (PS4) Mono Chat Earbud with Mic. Plug directly into your PlayStation 4 DualShock controller for chat capabilities. Comfortable design and chat clarity.

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2nd Sony ps4 earbud mic I've ordered from Amazon, they tend to last about a year new or used and a bit longer than the fancier headsets my friends pay more money for. Was ordered as a quick fix, brand new and arrived in a tiny plastic bag inside a plastic bubble-wrap package. My first time using it, I noticed the piece where you mute/unmute the mic was loose and a friend told me I was cutting in and out. I prefer playing with earbuds as opposed to a headset per my gaming preferences and bought this because it was branded as Sony and not a 3rd party brand. I'm just going to blame the packaging because the ones I've bought before have never had a problem with a loose mute/unmute switch. The Sony earbuds I've owned before are surprisingly sturdy and like I said before, last about a year before giving out.
These used to be around $4.99 and that's all they are worth. I've been thru at least a dozen of these. And every time they fall apart after minimal use. I like to use these on my cellphone because of the slide mute button. I hate having to wake my phone up just to mute and unmute. I snore like a wood chipper and when I'm on the phone with my friend and start to get sleepy I just like to unmute to talk when I have something to say, and I can just slide my finger up the cord and switch on and off without having to look in the dark. For some reason my $60 bluetooth doesn't have a push to mute option which is my only gripe with it. But it is built like champ tho, I ran it thru the washing machine on accident for a 2 hour cycle and then thru the dryer on another 2 hour cycle and it still works and holds a charge to my amazement.
These worked for exactly one hour. I was playing the fallout 76 beta having a blast with my new friend I made and the mic stopped working. I could still hear him but nothing was coming through on my mic. I tried turning it off and on, plugging it in, tried a different controller, and I even rebooted the beta thinking that could be the problem. This morning I loaded up ESO and tried testing it there. Nothing...

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