Sleep Dealer Movie Trailer 2009 New!

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  1. I think is a premonition of wot is coming in the future for nations like mine yet I love the movie and is not the classic cliche of a film noir Great movie !!!

  2. Sounds like solid snake narrating the trailer,so thats what hes been up to in retirement.

  3. Well, I understand what you mean completely. I was just joking, text doesn’t get sarcasm across very well sorry. :/

  4. Matrix the beginning jajaja no no es cierto se mira chida la movie.

  5. Disbelief? The U.S. has an active drone program already in operation; it’s not some big secret. And M.I.T. is working on automated fruit pickers. I’m not quite sure what’s so unbelievable about this. The romance story might be a bit tacked on, but other than that…

  6. Right, it’s to make us shit our pants in disbelief. lol jk

  7. I think you miss the point of the film. It’s not to wow us with its special effects or impress us with witty dialogue.

  8. rofl….come on much weed did you smoke when you said that comment.

  9. put arnold in it and call this 1995 cause thats what this looks like

  10. Whoever cut this trailer should be shot… confusing, patronising, cliche’d and massively mis-selling what appears to be quite an interesting movie.

    Trailer making is an art, whoever made this ain’t no artist.

  11. This looks to be one of the best films of the year.

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