Sisma 80 Games Holder Cartridges Storage Case for Nintendo Switch Physical Games or SD Memory Cards, Black, 16.99, 0, $, .

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Designed specially to hold Nintendo Switch physical games, Sony PS Vita physical games and SD cards. It can easily store game cartridges and memory cards together for easy searching and use when travelling or home storage, you will never forget and lose them; The games collection has 4 same size...

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UPDATE: 1/20/2020 I have no choice but to update my review. I own 2 of these and keep my games in alphabetical order, so I move cartridges often. This case did not even last a week. It's pathetic and cheaply stitched and made, the elastic dosen't last long and stretches easily. I thought I finally found a case to hold most of my games. Guess I have to start looking again. I'll be returning this one for a refund... See pictures.
I really wanted to replace all of my game cases with one large yet still portable case and I thought this was it but it’s not perfect...The games are obscured by the elastic strip/sleeve that holds them. I didn’t appreciate how brilliant the hard plastic cases I used to use are - the way they hold the games without obscuring the front. With this case it’s pretty hard to identify where a game is without pulling games out.The other issue is the orientation. I had imagined alphabetizing the games and being able to flip through this like a book. But the games aren’t arraigned into rows on a page but instated or rotated 90 degrees into columns. I’ve found trying to get my bearings when paging through to be tricker than expected.
The case is very well made. Sturdy and strong to protect the games and SD cards. It came with a nice gift. A little pencil bag that fit in the middle and I show it in the picture. That was nice.

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