Shutter Island Official Movie Trailer

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Shutter Island Movie Trailer I never thought I’d manage to hear the words “Martin Scorsese” and “slasher flick” in the same sentence, unless the phrase “will never do a” was involved. But then along came Shutter Island, due out this October, to change my mind completely. When a homicidal maniac escapes her new home in the Shutter Island mental institution, it’s up to two US Marshals, played by Marc Ruffalo and Leonardo DiCaprio, to hunt her down before she can strike again. Could this be …

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  1. This movie, is just awsesome. Simple as that!! JohnnyUK, thanks for the heads up on that site, it worked a dream! (24hourmovie . net)

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  3. is it gonna be sth like “1408”?????

  4. After reading the book…I think this movie could possibly be better than The Departed

  5. we are dully appointed federal masrshals…. so psyched 4 this movie

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  8. There must be some last minute changes or updates to this movie — because it seems that they don’t really want to release this!!!! What’s going on here???

    What? It’s not suspenseful enough?? Come on!! Just release the darn thing, and let us (viewers) decide if it was well worth its price of admission — Block busters are almost never ever Best Pictures — (save Titanic) Just show the darn thing.

  9. i love that woman in the begining, at 1:05

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  12. filmed in abandoned medfield state hospital, Massachusetts

  13. reminds me of Call Of Cthulhu

  14. i read the book it was amaziiinnngggg 😀 i cant wait to see the movie

  15. fucking retards

  16. why the fuck does leonardo look like johnny knoxville

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  18. ve read the book., and its really good., i think the omovie would be better co’z u have leonardo as teddy daniels

  19. Marc RUFFALO???

    (pumps fist)


  20. great book, movie looks good

  21. is this a book also?

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  23. this looks really scary, but i’m definately goin to see it.

  24. Probably one of the best movies of 2009 .. dont listen to the naysayers. For proof of how good it is, see for yourself .. its onlineFLICKSZILLA . COM. Go now 😛

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