Sex and the City Essentials – The Best of Mr. Big

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They?ve experienced the pleasure of sex, the pain of heartbreak and the panacea of friendship. Now, old and new Sex and the City fans can relive some of the sexiest, most romantic, emotional and memorable episodes from the series with the all new Sex and the City Essentials – a collection of three episode selections from the HBO Original Series…. More >>

Sex and the City Essentials – The Best of Mr. Big

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  1. After making me watch Sex and the City with her, my wife astutely observed that at the heart of this show is a great irony. Touted as a “breakout show” lauding feminism and female empowerment, Sex and the City ironically only managed to portray women as more shallow, superficial, petty and empty-headed than virtually any other television show in history (thank creator Darren Star). Far from challenging whatever backward notions might remain that women are not men’s equals, all watching this show would actually do is effectively confirm everything about women that misogynistic chauvinists unfoundedly believe, especially but not limited to the beliefs that women are silly, adolescent, juvenile and totally unencumbered by any burdens of logic, adulthood or maturity. Great progress.

    Tiring quickly of Carrie Bradshaw’s infantile and meaningless ponderings–“Is New York all about change?” “Are new myths required for singles?” “Is life in Manhattan like a bagel with cream cheese?” Here’s one: “Is life really all about perpetually asking meaninglessly vacuous questions and then posing witty but ultimately arbitrary responses?”–one is left to wonder what exactly happened to her in childhood that so effectively stunted her emotional development, seemingly forever cementing her personality at about a sixteen/seventeen-year old emotional age. Are we supposed to pity her that “Big” treats her like a little kid, regardless of the fact that she disturbingly acts like an unbalanced little child? I would say no, especially in light of the fact that in real life “Big” and Carrie would probably not be together in the first place.

    Another of the show’s many absurdities is the foursome of friends that comprise its main characters. Let’s face it folks, unless these girls grew up together (and in the show they didn’t), these four women would NOT be friends in real life. They would hate each other.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. i don’t care for the show,but even so you really save more money buying the full season sets. i don’t know why they put these out!!!
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. I’m great fan of Sex and the city. I don’t have whole series, but wanted to collect just few episodes.

    This DVD has episodes like

    1. Sex and the city

    2. Ex and the city

    3. I heart NY

    I loved these all. Worth buying if you are fan.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  4. why do people give 1 star reviews for a product they didn’t buy? This dvd is only 4.97 right now, that’s a great deal to buy for someone who is a sex and the city fan!!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. First allow me to be fair and say, I don’t own this particular DVD. I do however own all 6 seasons of Sex and the City (including part 2 of season 6) which share the same episodes though of course not the same amount of episodes. That being said, I think if you’d like to see what all the fuss is about regarding the show, these cheap DVD’s are your best bet. Also if you have a friend/family member who you’d like to get hooked on the show this would be a great gift.

    I was thoroughly turned off by the show for a long time because TBS and other networks were showing choppy/censored episodes and all of the time (overkill), but I’ve now fallen in love with my “favorite” girls allover again.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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