Seagate Game Drive 4TB External Hard Drive Portable HDD – Designed For Xbox One, Green – 1 year Rescue Service (STEA4000402), 109.99, 124.99, $, .

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  • Hard Drive: ‎4 TB Portable
  • Number of USB 3.0 Ports: ‎1


No more deleting games from the Xbox console just to make room for new ones—store 100+ titles with 4TB of portable external hard drive storage. Game Drive for Xbox delivers no lag gaming, quick step by step setup, and plug and play USB 3.0 connectivity—no power cable needed. Featuring the classic...

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Purchased this 2TB external hard drive for my husband about 9 months ago. Up until yesterday, it worked just fine. It did help ease up space on the internal drive so the xbox ran smoothly, but now it does not work at all so its basically trash. Nothing happened to the drive to cause this malfunction (ie no power surge, damage, water exposure, etc). Xbox does not recognize the drive at all. Plugged it into the computer to reformat (and lose everything) in order for it to work, and the computer doesn't recognize it either. Purchased a new cable to rule that out, and nope. Went online to Seagate for support, and for some reason when I enter the serial number and product number, it states that it is unknown. Read reviews online that after some time this happens to a lot of people for no reason. This device is far too expensive to have to replace on a 6mo-yearly basis. Very very disappointed in this purchasing and would highly recommend people look elsewhere for an external drive- at least a drive made by a company that will provide support. If this is resolved I will update my rating to 5 stars as before it randomly bit the dust it worked fine.
Do not buy this product as Seagate does not honor the warranty. Product bought on 3/25/18, went to register it and it says it is out of warranty even though the box claims a two year warranty. Contacted Seagate and provided documentation of the purchase and they updated the warranty to be valid though 3/26/18. A 1 day warranty is what they gave me. Stay away or be disappointed.
I bought this product on May 24th, and after seeing mixed reviews I decided to take a chance and get the 4TB one for my Xbox One. I thought I was getting an amazing deal for $118 and some change. I set it up and made sure to take care of it. It's in the open where it won't overheat from staying inside a cabinet. It's not near any of the Xbox fans, and it certainly isn't on top of anything that could heat up and cause damage to it. After a few days it crashed and I lost everything that installed on it. I contacted amazon and they instantly sent me a new one and had me send the faulty one back. This is the only reason I gave it 2/5 stars instead of 1/5.I am writing this as of August 22nd which is now almost exactly 3 months since I bought the device and it died on me as of a month ago. It isn't being recognized by my Xbox, various friends Xbox's, and my computer. I traded out the USB for a brand new one in hopes that it was just a bad USB but sadly that hasn't helped either. Overall, it was not worth the money spent, and the headaches that came with it.

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