Saving Private Ryan

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When Steven Spielberg was an adolescent, his first home movie was a backyard war film. When he toured Europe with Duel in his 20s, he saw old men crumble in front of headstones at Omaha Beach. That image became the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan, his film of a mission following the D-day invasion that many have called the most realistic–and maybe the best–war film ever. With 1998 production standards, Spielberg has been able to create a stunning, unpa… More >>

Saving Private Ryan

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  1. “~I have never been a fan of Spielberg, Most of his films such as, Field of dreams, Star wars, and Forest Gump strike me as trivial and nationalistic. This film is like all his rest. In other words I feel that Mr. Spielberg is quite simply one big Honky, who makes honky films for Honkies. This film is awful and dangerously over praised. Ed Burns is the cinematic equivalent of an almond joy bar, without the almonds or the joy. take a shining to.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. How can a movie with so much violence, blood, and profanity be so well liked by a “Christian” society? I don’t care how supposedly accurate this movie portrayed the soldiers emotions and conditions, they still shouldn’t have been so immoral. This is America, the Christian nation, founded by God, and ruled by the lord Jesus Christ. Cursing and swearing are not good Christain activities, and I just don’t agree with their glorification of these things. For a real movie about a battle you should all watch Left Behind, based on the books written by Tim and Jerry. They are great and they tell the story of the rapture which is sure to be coming soon with filth like this being shown in todays homes. Instead of Saving Private Ryan maybe you should all try saving yourself in the eyes of the almighty lord. Praise be to Jesus!! More Christians need to stand up and do the lords work and get rid of ideas other than ours!!
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. Got moved by the fact a mother lost three sons and the fourth and last is about to be saved. (Earns a star.)


    Patriotic propaganda.

    Good battle scenes. (Earns another star.)

    To much of the good guys and the bad guys.

    Watch “The thin red line”.

    Gives you a punch in the tummy and you’ll feel it for a long time.

    Private Ryan you’ll forget the minute you leave the theater or turn of your DVD player.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  4. This video will be very popular among those who enjoy dressing their grown children in doughboy uniforms and listening to Connie Francis LP’s which smell vaguely of mothballs. The play acting of a guilt ridden baby boomer, whose only beach he has stormed is the property in his front yard, when jogging with noted war criminal Bill Clinton, as one of the Nuremberg prosecutors described him.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  5. First of all, any movie with Vin Diesel should tell you right off the bat that it’s gonna be bad. And this movie is BAD. Spielberg was always a pretty overrated director. This movie isn’t as bad as “E.T.,” but it’s not realistic. The first 20 minutes look like a PlayStation movie. For a more accurate depiction of the horrors of war, check out the amazing “Pearl Harbor” with Ben Affleck.
    Rating: 1 / 5

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