Satisfye – New SwitchGrip, Accessories Compatible with Nintendo Switch – Comfortable & Ergonomic Switch Grip, Joy Con & Switch Control. #1 Switch Accessories Designed for Gamers. BONUS: 2 Thumbsticks, 24.00, 0, $, .

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OUR NEW ANTI-SCRATCH silicone tabs floating solution keeps your Switch from coming into direct contact with the Switch grip itself and leaves room for warm air to evacuate on the backside, so that your Switch gets the protection it deserves; WHILE OTHER GRIPS will leave you fatigued after some...

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I didn't like how the right handle pokes out differently than the left, but after I got used to it I could tell it was much better on my right hand. I love it now!My 3rd picture shows something I suggest you do. The joy-con holder the Switch comes with isn't as erganomical as this, so I cut a large straw to replace the switch tablet while it's docked. Now I can use this better grip and play on my TV!
Seems a great item. Durable design is also great. Grip has a rubbery soft feeling which is comfortable. Given it 5. But gave it a 3. Got a scratch on the back. Thought maybe came from something else placed it back a second scratch. Nail filed it. And now its good to go. Back to my games.
A couple of weeks ago I picked up a plastic grip (unknown brand) for my Switch at GameStop and took it back within 2 hours. It had plastic hooks which went over the top of the Switch to hold it in place. It was okay except I literally had to twist it and pry my Switch out of it to put my Switch back in its Dock. I was afraid the hard plastic hooks would scratch the top of my Switch so I took it back. I saw the Ultimate Grip Pro on Amazon and decided to try it. What an amazing product. You slide the Switch into the Grip from the top and there are orange pressure tabs on the inside of the sides which hold your Switch in place. I flipped the Grip upside down and shook it but my Switch did not fall out. Yet when I pulled the Switch out of the Grip to put it back in the Dock it pulled out easily without any twisting or stress. To use the Grip is to know what comfort means. The grips on the Grip feel like textured rubber and keep my hands at an extremely comfortable angle. As you can tell I am very impressed with the Satisfye Ultimate Pro Grip for the Nintendo Switch. I really think Nintendo should contract with the company and include the Grip with every Switch they sell.

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