1. After buying the first and second season of this entertaining series I was greatly overjoyed to see that they released the third season box set, and while as many have said yes the dubbed voice cast are different the series still I feel will entertain many of the fans of the show. I do advise people to watch the first two seasons of the show though before buying this one as you’ll need to know the background and history of the characters, the quest they’ve undertaken, and the enemies that wish to stop them at all cost along their journeys. The animation to me looks the same as the first two seasons except for one detail in that is instead of still shots during the battle scenes(Meaning a picture of a character throwing his fist or using his weapon and the sound effect of a hit or strike but no actual movement) a lot of them do have animation motion this time. As some reviewers have said the Japanese voice cast are still the same in great in their character roles but the dubbed English cast is different since this time Geneon dubbed actors have done the roles instead of the ADV film actors and while it takes a while to get used to the voice cast aren’t really that bad if you give them a chance, There are definitely a lot worse voice actors at there to be sure. The set is seven dvds put into individual case in put into a cardboard sleeve that’s pretty sturdy so all in all until Funimation releases the set again I just say buy from one of the sellers on the Amazon site I got this for a steal and have no regret for that choice…
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. Almost the entire Reload anime series (Season 3) consists of filler episodes. A few of the filler episodes are cute (Jiipu story and Bath house story,) but most of it is just fluff until you get to the last disk. Plus, the art is sloppy and feels thrown-together. The animation is choppy, cookie-cutter and stiff. Geneon’s English voice cast is wooden and monotone. It seemed like no one “got” their characters. And there are very few extras on the DVD.

    The art and animation in Saiyuki Gunlock (Season 4) is somewhat better… but still not up to par with the original series.

    Buy the original Saiyuki series (Seasons 1 and 2) and the movie (Saiyuki Requiem) that ADV put out instead. The art is much more attractive, the animation is smoother and ADV’s English voice cast is MUCH better. Illich Guardiola was the perfect casting choice for Gojyo. Oh, and the original series has a lot of extras on the DVD.

    The only positive comment that I have about Saiyuki Reload the anime is that the Japanese voice cast in Reload is as good as the Japanese voice cast for the first 2 seasons. Akira Ishida reprises his role as Hakkai, and he is just wonderful!
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. The art style and animation quality (smoothness of action, etc.) are definitely better in Saiyuki Reload than they were in Saiyuki.

    The Japanese voice actors are the same for both Saiyuki and Saiyuki Reload, and they’re awesome in both.

    Unfortunately, as another reviewer pointed out, most of the episodes in Saiyuki Reload are fluffy filler episodes. The bath house (onsen) episode (episode 10) is terribly cute and funny, though, and Saiyuki Reload does cover the Kami-sama arc (episodes 17 through 25), which is very serious and pretty pivotal to the series.

    The Urasai (behind-the-scenes clips) are funny too, and they come at the end of each episode.

    If you like the Saiyuki series, you should at least grab the Kami-sama epsiodes from Saiyuki Reload (episodes 17 through 25, discs 5 through 7).
    Rating: 4 / 5

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