Rush: R30

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RUSH R30 on BLURAY: R30 captures RUSH at the height of their 30th Anniversary World Tour in Frankfurt, Germany in late 2004. The R30 Blu-ray edition includes the entire R30 concert…. More >>

Rush: R30

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  1. How does the greatest band in the world celebrate their 30th anniversary? By giving us a DVD with (count ’em) EIGHT songs missing from the set. Never know to be in touch with the cult following of die-hard fans that they have, Rush has disappointed many times when it comes to past concert releases,although, given the nature of VHS and it’s time constraints, it was acceptable, this isn’t. This Rush release is sure to leave many-a-fan disenchanted. Go for Rush in Rio and take a “Pass” on this one. I’m sure they’ll double dip and release a “special edtion” HD-DVD version in the future with the missing songs to milk the fans some more.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. I went to two rush shows in the uk, and they played the same set, boring i was very pleased to see them but why play covers of poor songs?

    Rush have not made a decent forward thinking album since Power Windows, probably the most progressive album ever made by any band ever.

    Alex as not played a decent guitar solo since, well i can not remenber its been so long, one of the great thinks about Rush was Alex’s unique guitar sound.

    Neils drum solo is excellant, but we have seen it all before, why can not the other band members solo with him at the same time, a bit like yyz.

    Alex needs to allow the keyboards back in.

    Geddy needs to stop playing easy listening keyboards, which is what alex hates.

    They need to hire a keybaord player to play live,to stop over dubs in background.

    Life as been to easy for geddy and alex, and their music has paid the price. They need to get back on to the road and play small venues 5 dates a week and get back into music, listen to every everything thats coming out and go for it. Rush music is about solos played in loose structures called songs, they have now decided to play songs, because alex is to tierd to play solos, and geddy thinks he,s Lennon, no,no,no stop this now!

    as for the british crowd, we loved the shows, and C L Mahar is wrong on this point. we have not seen rush sice the rubbish roll the bones Album.

    Its a shame you did not get to see the Van Der Graaf Generator gigs, they blew Rush away i’m afraid.

    I love Rush and the 15 years of brilliance, but they have lost it, thay make all they new bands sound rubbish but they are not up to the standards of old, thay make u2 and coldplay sound one dimensional, but its time they pulled their sock up, they should listen to The Cardiacs, God Speed you Black emperior, Van der Graaf Generator, Arena, 76-88 period Rush, Paco de Lucia, Opeth, Stravinsky, Early Van Halen, Satie, Roni Size Reprasents, John Mclaughlin, Leftfield, Early Hawkwind, and then start writing.

    Sorry Rush its tough love you need not yes men.

    You have averages two good songs per album for the last 15 years, where before you never did write a bad song.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. If you love Rush as I do, spare yourself. I have to think the band must be at least a little embarassed by this product. The performance comes off as very formulaic and flat and posseses none of the soul and electricity of Rio.

    Also, this ’60s tribute material is painful.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. Disregard my rating.I have Rush in Rio on dvd and cd.Had A show of Hands. I have different Stages and every other Live Rush cd going back to All the worlds a stage. Is there anymore reason to buy another Live Rush release? Is the old material from the 70’s worth it? Someone respond I would appreciate it.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  5. I’m getting a little sick of Rush constantly putting out live cd’s and dvd’s. I wouldn’t mind purchasing all of these if they would put out a totally new set list for each live release. I don’t remember them ever putting out “Camera Eye”, “Different Strings”, “Entre Nous”, “Circumstances”, “Hemispheres (complete)”, “Lessons”, “Tears”, “Twilight Zone”, “Chemistry”, “Digital Man”, “The Weapon”, “Countdown”, and “Losing it” on any of their live releases. Come on you mindless RUSH fanatics and get some damn perspective, which you don’t have an ounce of. Everything the band puts out you just rave and rave about how good it is. They should put out a moritorium on Rush live albums for about 20 years because every few years they’re gonna milk you idiots for more of your hard earned money with a great new live cd, and you brainiacs are gonna keep shelling out the green. I heard on this release that they do a medley that has the song “Hemispheres” on it, but it’s cut way down because it’s part of a medley, and damn it, I want to hear the whole thing (that’s one of my favorite tracks by Rush). Rush In Rio will probably be the last live purchase from this group that I will ever purchase, unless they do an almost totally new set list of stuff they’ve never recorded live before. Now the other Rush reviewers are going to say I hate the group because I’m bashing them, but not so, I love this group to death (especially their stuff from 1974 to 1984), and they’re an extraordinary progressive band that’s definitely one of the giants in rock history, but I have to tell it like it is, and not mindlessly eat up everything they release, like most of your reviewers do. Take my advice, and stay away from this redundant affair. I’m out!!!

    P.S. And by new set list, I don’t mean these horrible covers of other bands from the 60’s, I mean Rush material, and even if I don’t like a lot of their stuff past 1984, do some stuff from Counterparts that you’ve never done. Just quit doing “Red Barchetta”, “The Spirit Of Radio, “Tom Sawyer”, and stuff you’ve recorded live too much. I’m out for good!!!

    Another P.S. It’s now a month and a half or more since I wrote the stuff above, but wanted to make one point about the quiet German crowd. On the Rush in Rio release the crowd was so loud that especially on the cd you couldn’t hear the band very good, because the crowd was so loud and frenzied, but now with the quiet crowd you can hear the music. I think that I’m going to have to put my integrity in my hip pocket and see why everybody thinks this is such a great release (I’m thinking of buying it now on Amazon). I do have to say that they are kind of “Live Show” happy, because isn’t this about their 6th live album. They’ve done so many that I can’t count anymore. Like was said before, they should have filmed the DIFFERENT STAGES set, and put that out on DVD. That would have been a better set list, and would have made me much happier, but I guess we have to take what we can get. Are we instead of getting studio albums every two years, going to keep getting these live albums instead? Maybe they don’t have the chops to make a good quality studio album anymore, but who knows. I gave this a one star rating, but I might raise it to 2.5 stars at this point, but like I say, I haven’t even seen this DVD yet, so maybe I should let you know what I think about this after I’ve seen it. I’m out!!!
    Rating: 3 / 5

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