RUNMUS Gaming Headset for Xbox One, PS4, PC Headset w/ Surround Sound, Over Ear Headphones with Noise Canceling Mic & RGB Light, Compatible with Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, Sega Dreamcast, 36.90, 0, $, .

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  • Brand Name: RUNMUS
  • Item model number: K3
  • Hardware Platform: xbox_360, xbox_one, PC
  • Item Weight: 12 ounces
  • Package Dimensions: 7.8 x 7.4 x 4.4 inches
  • Color: RGB


RUNMUS K3-RGBFull immersion into a game by elite feel and sound Long-term ComfortabilityRUNMUS K3 RGB is extremely comfortable to wear for long gaming sessions. It's covered by flexible headband and supremely comfortable foam and leatherette earcup options. Immersive Gaming ExperienceBuilt-in 50...

User reviews

Bought this for my 11 yr old - he had it on for about 3 hrs at a stretch and found it pretty comfortable. The lights are pretty cool. Sound quality is good and the mic works great. Could I get a fancier gaming headset? Sure. But it would cost me far more than this one did. And this one is sturdy enough that it will hold up well to my kids’ antics!
 These headphones are worth the money. The audio when i game sounds really good for the price you pay. They are also really comfortable on the top of your head when wearing them. I play first person shooter games and i have no problem hearing footsteps of the enemy either. The headphones feature a lighting feature that can be used by plugging in the usb portion to a usb outlet on your pc. It also has a switch to turn the lights on and off. There is also a control to mute your microphone if you choose to and they include an adapter that splits into two different cords for PC. One for a separate mic function and the other for audio. The microphone is great. I own the K8headphones by them as well and the mic on these sound better after comparing them on a pc recording software. My only petty gripe is he earcups on these headphones are not earshaped. They are circular and not in an oval shape so if you have big ears, they may hurt. Other than that, it is a good buy. I took a few pictures and some in the dark to showcase the lighting they have. I tried to get pictures of each of the different lights the headphones switch to
Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any organization and I am just an honest, everyday, gamer. I have tested this product on the following platforms and confirmed its compatibility:- XBox 360- XBox one- PS 3- PS 4- PCfor the short answer, TL:DR peeps, the RUN MUS K3 model rocks!!!For the more invested, deeper diving/researching shoppers, the detailed review is as follows:So far, for the short time i have owned this product, it has proven to be a piece of headset perfection.price point:The price point for this product is a deal. It is cheaper than a lot of their competitors on the market while not sacrificing its quality. It comes with a Y wire splitter to separate the inputs to both mic and headset. This is one less accessory to purchase if needed.Mic Quality:I am using it for streaming, Discord, and web conference calls. i have been told from my audience that the quality of the mic is great. The mic is sensitive to the degree where it is capable of picking up a lot of the most complex annunciations. However, it does a great job of noise cancellation of ambient, external, noises. I even configured my stream audio via voicemeeter and computer recording playback, so that I could verify the sound, pickup, noise cancellation, etc. and so far this product delivers on all fronts.Manufacturing Quality:Besides the functionality it provides, the quality of the hardware itself is something to take note of. This product combines durability with a touch of gaming decor delight. There doesn't seem to be a lot of weak points in the hardware's structural integrity.There doesn't seem to be a lot of areas where there are plastic parts that would eventually be compromised through wear-and-tear/day-to-day use i.e some models of logitech headsets. The Microphone boom is encased by a flexible metal clad encasing which provides protection to the mic wiring while being easily adjustable. Just FYI, if you adjust the boom while recording, the metal may click and be picked up by the mic ;)In addition, the gaming lights on the side are nice. It complements my k95 platinum and mouse rgb configs nicely. The lights are static and non-configurable but the lighting pattern is nice. It has a RGB rainbow pattern that spins around in a clockwise direction and with the proper amount of illumination.Furthermore, The comfort of the headset is nice and I was able to wear the headset for well over 4 hours with out discomfort. The headset also fits around my ears nicely (and i have monkey ears that pop out). It provides great noise cancellation for both the mic and speakers. It cancels out external sounds so that both my mic and ears do not hear whats going on in the outside world. This could be bad if it cuts off your senses to the real world :)Lastly, to drive this review home, the service that RUNMUS provides is superb. The company believes strongly in its customer service policies and they have truly understood the importance of a positive customer relationship. They must be confident in their product where they would offer an extended 1 year, to the already existing 1 year warranty, for a total of a 2 year coverage on this product. They also offer free products for just being their customer!I apologize for the extremely long-winded review but I wanted to take the time to let the community know a great deal when there is one.Sincerely,A humbly committed student.

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