Rocky: The Undisputed Collection

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Studio: Tcfhe/mgm Release Date: 11/03/2009 Run time: 532 minutes… More >>

Rocky: The Undisputed Collection

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  1. Just wanted to let everyone know i purchased Transformers 2 pre-release and it went down 6 dollars at release date. As you can imagine i was pretty ticked however Amazon DID in fact automatically refund the difference. It is a crappy practice though. Pre-orders should get it cheaper than release date price since you are handing over money for something you may not get for a few weeks.

    As for my movie review i dont have one. Just wanted to let people know Amazon does refund the difference.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. well its out at last …

    i really wanted to get this pack in BluRay

    havent gotten the pack in my hands yet but having seen all the Rocky movies i am pretty excited to own them on Bluray.

    cant comment on the Bluray features but the films have made a name in the movie history for themselves and loudly speak for themselves.

    if you are in to sport movies and havent seen this series you should definetely give it a shot 😀

    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. I’ve read a remark by another Amazon customer (Regina A. Walter “chingbong”) and I have to say I am in total agreement with her.

    I am a prime member and have been for 2 years now. I have pre-ordered many blu-ray titles months early (in some cases) and I am more than a little ticked off to find the same title cheaper the day of release or the day after. What this is telling me is NOT to pre-order from Amazon because in doing so, you are guaranteed the HIGHEST price. It is seemingly much better to pre-order elsewhere (shop around for the very best price) and then cancel if Amazon lowers the price on or after release day. Even better would be to return EVERY blu-ray to Amazon where you have paid more for it and then re-order it at the lower price.

    This may seem like a minor quibble, but if you buy a lot of movies this process of paying a higher price for the same item can be expensive and in this economy, why throw money away?

    It used to be that Amazon would refund the difference within 30 days from purchase if the title went down in price. Amazon stopped doing that last year. At first I thought what’s a couple of dollars to me … but when you add up a couple dollars times 20/30/40 titles, that gets expensive.

    So yes I ordered Rocky at $49.99 today. A deal for me but not for others. Fair? IMO, NO.

    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. Do NOT EVER EVER order early from You are foolish if you do. In most cases, Amazon will lower the price just days following the release of the item. Those who have previously ordered at a higher price are shafted. This item is a perfect example. They first listed it at $ 64.99 and then it lowered to $ 52.99. Now it is $ 49.99. All those people who ordered at the higher prices, do not get the lower price, even though they probably still have not yet received the item. Most would agree that this is dishonest. To put a stop to this, we should all agree that when this happens we return the items that Amazon overcharged us for. Maybe then Amazon would stop these games. I have decided to buy only from vendors who sell on Amazon but not from Never again.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  5. I will try to make this short and simple. The Rocky movies are some of the best movies ever made in HOLLYWOOD. It’s amazing how an unknown actor Sylvester Stallone (back in 1976)wrote and insisted on playing the role of Rocky and it made him a global Icon. Rocky is a movie that should be watched by every single person who is willing to fight to have a little peice of dignity in their life. A true underdog story that motivates and inspires. I can’t wait to watch all 6 movies over and over and over….. ON BLU RAY.

    Rating: 5 / 5

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