Razer Kaira Wireless Gaming Headset for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One: Triforce Titanium 50mm Drivers – Cardioid Mic – Breathable Memory Foam Ear Cushions – EQ Pairing Button – Windows Sonic – Black, 69.99, 99.99, $, .

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Take your competitive advantage to the next level and exert true console dominance with the Razer Kaira for Xbox—a wireless Xbox Series X headset that offers superior audio immersion with our most powerful drivers ever, and crystal-clear voice comms with the best headset mic we’ve ever designed.

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These headphones work perfectly on the Xbox Series X. I was worried about the current issue that the series x are having with wireless headsets having crackling and distorted noises but I turned the Kaira Pros on and synched it without having any of these issues. I downloaded the "Razer Headset Setup for Xbox" App on the Series X to customize the chroma lighting and the EQ Sound settings. For the love of all that is good DOWNLOAD THE APP AND CUSTOMIZE YOUR SOUND EQ!! You will hear a difference in the sound quality and clearness compared to the basic ones given. I changed my Custom EQ settings to:LOW +9 , LOW-MID +3, MID 0, MID-HIGH +3, HIGH +9 (You can thank me later)As soon as I did that I played random music on the spotify app from A$AP Rocky, Metallica, BlackPink and even some Michael Jackson and let me just say that it the sound quality knocked my socks off. Everything sounded so much more crisp, loud, clear and alive. I then played some games like GEARS 5, AC Valhalla and everything was on point as well. Absolutely no latency or sound issues here. The mic quality is great and my friends can hear me loud and clear.You can update your headphone firmware via Windows 10 pc/laptop and charging is via usb c which is great (no more use for micro usb cables in my house anymore, everything is all about that usb c nowadays). The only negative I can think of is that it would've been nice but not available is the ability to update your firmware via the xbox app, but it doesnt.I was waiting over a year for the Steelseries 9x to go on sale but that never happened so im glad these came out in time for the holiday season and for $50 cheaper than the 9x. I wholeheartedly recommend these for those in the xbox family (Windows pc via wireless adapter, xbox one and Series X/S).
THE RAZER KAIRA PRO! All I can say is WOW and wooowwww. I’ve had the headset not for roughly 2 weeks and there are several things you MUST know before purchasing this headset!Likes: The headset is very comfortable. It’s got a nice slick design to it (in my opinion). It doesn’t feel cheap or feel like it would break easily. It has adjustable eq settings in which you could use to mix and match sound how you want it!Dislikes: oh boy... I wish this was stuff that I saw in other reviews before making this purchase. For starters, you’ll get the headset and join a party with friends just for them to tell you that you mic quality sounds “eh” compared to astros or a steel series Arctis 9x (real friends are honest lol). You’ll also realize that there is a huge static and buzzing sound coming from your mic even when you’re not talking! Although this can be fixed in the eq settings by simply starting a NEW PROFILE. Although it’s a real setback because in order to stop the buzzing sound you have to settle for using the broadcast mic setting and you CANT have your sound settings to high or it’ll be picked up by the mic. And finally, the mic!!!! Considering it doesn’t sound crisp or clear as my friends describe it really does a great sound of picking up every single movement you make whether it be scratching you head, licking your lips or even somethings breathing! I don’t understand how a mic that picks up all this with ease doesn’t sound good when it comes to voice.Overall if you’re a collector of headsets and don’t really use party chat, this headset is perfect for you. It will deliver great sound and comfortably for hours with some nice looking RGB.If you’re a really squad player and coms is your thing in game I’d probably look into a better mic sounding headset such as the arctis 9x by steel series! I’ve had and would really recommend
Music quality: Like others have stated, out of the box sound is horrible. If you mess with the EQ it gets...better. If you've always listened to airpods they will sound great. If you approach the audiophile side of the spectrum they sound exactly how you expect, kinda cheap. All bass, and the high end is tiresome. I’m in the middle of that. For reference the headphones I’ve used ( galaxy buds 2, Sennheiser Momentum tw2, Phillips fidelity X2, various Bose)Game sound: they work well for games which is expected. You can adjust them for just the right amount of bass and can hear footsteps around you in multiplayer games, at least with Dolby Atmos enabled. I’ve also experienced the robotic sound distortion in game, not sure if that’s due to the headset or xbox but it comes and goes in call of duty. Never once had the problem on my home entertainment center. I should note this is with the first firmware update you have to install.Mic is the same way, go to EQ and turn down the higher frequencies a tad and it will cut the hiss down a bit. Mic monitoring also doesn’t seem to work, even after toggling the option in the software.Build and Comfort: Comfort is so-so. The ear pads are fairly comfy, even with glasses. The top band has much less padding than I thought it would. I have a smaller head and the padding is fully compressed. I can feel the plastic headband through it. The build overall is entirely plastic. And the metal accent is just an accent, no metal for the hinges. All the buttons and controls are easy enough to find when playing a game.FYI the green on the the ear pads are part of the pads, so if you swapped them with wicked cushions or another, you would lose the green accent (a plus for me).Hopefully that gives you a little more context for these. I’m torn on these... I understand there is a lot of tech inside, but if they were $100 I could put up with them. For $150 I think I will try some of the other brands especially since I’ve already run into mic issues (hiss and no monitoring), sound issues (poor quality and robotic distortion), and comfort issues (headband). If you are solely focused on gaming with discord or background music they will probably be great. If you hoped to used them for solo music listening as well then they are so-so depending on your experience with other headphones. I don’t think the quality is good enough to make me pair with my phone and listen to music.

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