PS4 Controller ORDA Wireless Gamepad for Playstation 4/Pro/Slim/PC and Laptop with Motion Motors and Audio Function, Mini LED Indicator, USB Cable and Anti-Slip – Red, 42.96, 0, $, .

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Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; 【Super Compatibility】 ORDA wireless gaming controller is widely compatible with PS4/PS4 Pro/PC(Win7/8/8.1/10). You can enjoy most of games in multiple platforms with gamepad. (Please activate device with USB cable for the first match...

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I like this controller a lot. Is it the best I've ever used? No. It definitely has some flaws, but overall, it has great ergonomics, fantastic build quality, and alluring design that makes me smile every time I see it.First, let's get my fanboying over with. This is such a beautiful controller! The clear plastic is somewhat frosted and gives a look that makes it blend in enough, but still shows the internals. I also am happy to report general use has not hurt or worn down this fantastic look.On the ergonomics side, it should be fine. The Dualshock has always been a controversial controller due to the decision of putting both thumbsticks next to each other on the bottom, and for people with unusual hand shapes, it can create problems. I have gotten used to this layout just fine, but I could see why some might have troubles with it. Try holding one yourself if you can if you have any reservations about this. Also, the touchpad looks big, but it's not as obtrusive as you'd think. It actually feels quite nice, being more than smooth enough to drag your finger across without any unpleasant feeling. The buttons, while somewhat shallow, have a great tactile feel more akin to a small arcade button. Finally, the shoulder buttons and triggers. The former seems to be fine, but many have issues with these triggers.The build quality is quite nice, with comfy plastics that were suitable for long gaming sessions that still managed to stand up to plenty of abuse. Nothing feels like it's going to fall out, and everything functions just as intended.
I waited until I used this controller for a week before reviewing. I was ready to call it THE BEST PS4 CONTROLLER EVER MADE the first day...and it still is!! Battery life is INSANE!! Played over 12 hours straight one night, and it never once needed a charge, or informed me it needed it. The thumb sticks are way sturdier than the PS4 Dualshock, and they have more resistance. In fact I needed to adjust the controller sensitivity because turning left or right in Call Of Duty happened in a flash. I had the sensitivity at 10 when I used the Dualshock. I had to knock it down to a 3 to get the same results. Also it just fits your hands perfectly. And the rubber on the handles make for non-slip. Oh and the thumbsticks are a HAIR smaller in size, but they are also dimpled around the rim. That feature alone erased my need to use thumb grips. So while I was just looking for a back-up controller, or a controller to just give away as a prize on my Twitch Affiliate channel, this is NOW MY MAIN CONTROLLER!! And if that's not enough - this not only replaced my dualshocks, but it also replaced my Scuf Infinity controllers. YES! IT'S JUST THAT GOOD!!! USER EDIT: I have what some might call a tendency to "rage quit". That being said, I have bounced this controller off a hard wood floor - several times. It still works amazing. And when you shake it there isn't ANY noise like something came loose. A++++
I play on a PC and bought this controller for that purpose. I received it a little over a month ago and it has performed really well. I haven't noticed any lag and it feels extremely comfortable to hold without being too heavy or too light. Plus the paw print gripper pads they send you are super cute (like seriously they are the cutest). I play a lot of Skyrim which means Steam and I can attest it works really well.I would like to help my fellow PC gamers in setting up the blue-tooth connection as I had a hard time and would like to save others the time it took me. Like hooking it up to a console you will need to first plug it in with the USB cord (ensure you use the one it came with). Keep in mind that even nice gaming pcs sometimes do not come with blue-tooth capabilities which means you may need a blue-tooth dongle. These can be purchased on Amazon or in Best Buy anywhere from $6 to $20 (just make sure you get a newer one as the older software may not be compatible). For a dongle it's normally just plug and play- much like a wifi adapter. Make sure you restart your system if you have to go the dongle route before trying to sync the controller via blue-tooth. Once that is done turn on your blue-tooth and click "add device" (for those that may not know that would be in your settings). When your system is trying to find the device hold the home and share buttons down for a few seconds on your controller (while it is not hooked up via USB) and your system should find it.The only issue I would say I've noticed is that the sound if you use the headjack isn't as crisp as I like but I connect my headphones to my gaming chair so it doesn't effect me at all. Another thing to consider is that it does take a moment to get use to the controller as the sticks do feel slightly shorter. But it works perfectly for me, is really well designed, has a fantastic price point and is indeed blue-tooth capable.

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