PS4 Controller MOVONE Wireless Controller with USB Cable for Playstation 4 (White+Black), 29.99, 39.99, $, .

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Noted:This ‘MOVONE’ Wireless controlelr is 3rd Party Products, Not Original Product from SONY. ‘MOVONE’Wireless Controller features familiar controls and incorporates several innovative features to usher in a new era of interactive experiences. Its definitive analog sticks and trigger buttons...

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I cant believe the price for what I recieved today. I was skeptical seeing how it was 1/3 cheaper than all the other controllers ive found. I'm beyond pleased! It's got beautiful design and on point button functions. I will definitely recommend this to any & everyone wanting to buy a new controller.
The price is great, of course this isn't made from Sony. In the picture compared to the original ps4 controller. I play destiny and fornite. I notice some lag on my right joystick. When aiming I feel like it has some delay on response time And the X button gets a little stuck. Maybe its brand new so it will fix on its own. Hopefully its not defective. My old original ps4 controller joystick didn't hold a charge so this is a great affordable replacement.
I hated this remote control, but then I let it charge all night and I timed it. I timed it after I pulled the plug out to see when it would turn itself off. After 3 hours I was called by my family and distracted by other things so I didn't get to completely figure out how long it took to discharge. Now for the money this controller is fine there is no problem.....Update!!!! It's still a great remote for the money

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