Prince of Persia Film Official Movie Trailer HD

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Here is the HD version of the trailer I posted earlier. The movie looks awesome! I also posted this to my blog

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  1. so will be a trilogy like the saga of videogames?!??!

    thats cool!!

  2. DaveyUK19 I did have a look at that you mentioned, but found a much much better one 24hourmovie (.) net. It has this film in HD and loads loads more too. You will not need another site after this one.

  3. Well if you say so, Pitcherz. Btw thanks for showing me the m o v i e – h u b . n e t site. It’s awesome!

  4. Have they tried to wrap the three games into 1?
    Theres the dagger, the spooky temple and the prince looks like the evil one now and again…..and i saw the chain sword thing somewhere???

  5. @FELISCAR i played the “games”, loved them all, i know in PoP SoT he had a British accent but didn’t know whether they would stay true to it as in the latest game (aptly name Prince of Persia) the character had an American accent.

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  7. Sometimes love comes around & it knoks you down. Just get back up when it knocks you down.

  8. That’ll be in the next one, if there is a next one

  9. Well we’ll see how it goes, this seems to be legit I hope the next one looks just as good if not better, hopefully lol.

  10. @SoorenaAA dark and mysterious? Have you seen donnie darko? Jake is creepy in it. He can pull off a dark side. He’s a good actor. Actors love to do the dark and mysterious characters better than cheesy stuff. He’ll be fine for the sequel.

  11. @SUPERCREG1990 did you play the game?

  12. and the dahaka??!?!

  13. ijust found a good original copy of it on;

    AV i ew t.o . co m

  14. Seriously, I’m very happy they don’t insert sand zombies xD
    I loved them in the game, but how thrilling would that movie be if the prince just rans arround in an zombie filled castle? Not much more then any other zombie movie.
    But to really use the idea of time changing sand is a real great idea and I hope, that they use the advertisment with “Pirates of the Carribian” not just for camouflage.

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  16. Movie-Archives . n e t is the place to watch this in full 🙂

  17. nice can’t wait ti watch it……..

  18. british accents ftw!!! =P

  19. OMG!!!!!!!!!

  20. It looks like the sands of time not the third game dooh… and the actor fits …!

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  22. I seriously can’t believe that they already got this movie to the internet! my pal showed me this web site uploaded at movies.ovemedia. com

  23. I wonder what the name of the song is…

  24. Actually this seems like the third game cause the vezir is in it right? But if they make a Warrior Within film that would be soo badass, only it has to be a more dark and mysterious character not this clown lol

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