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GameCube style controllers are widely considered the preferred way to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Pull off precise attacks using octagonal gated sticks, larger A button, and nostalgic muscle memory on this officially licensed wired controller for Nintendo Switch. The original GameCube design...

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 Tried it right out of the box from the mail. The joystick for the controller keeps drifting upwards to the top of the screen without any input. I've tried recalibrating, replugging the controller, and turning off the switch entirely.Please don't sell broken items to customers, and do some quality control first. It's tacky, unprofessional, and an embarassment.
*EDIT 1 BELOW: Sunday, December 9, 2018**EDIT 2 BELOW: Tuesday, December 11, 2018**FINAL EDIT BELOW: Thursday, December 13, 2018**ADDITIONAL EDIT BELOW: Sunday, December 16, 2018*I pre-ordered two of these for myself and my partner before they were even released as an alternative to the official Nintendo Gamecube controllers. A Gamecube style controller with the same amount of buttons as a JoyCon or Pro Controller sounded like a great choice for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.But then on December 7th (Smash Ultimate's released date) when they were scheduled to come in, not only did they BOTH get delayed after I ordered 1-Day Shipping, one of the controllers had a left Thumbstick that drifts to the right without any input.The controller body around the +/-, Capture, and Home button on both controllers have scratches that cannot be wiped off.The controllers themselves feel more cheap than the official ones, with the plastic around the seams sticking out and feeling noticeably scratchy.The digital triggers got tiring after a while of having to pull them in all the way every time. The original controller has analog inputs, but it would sense the trigger pull just about half way in. These do not.It isn't all bad, though.The buttons, thumbsticks, and triggers all feel "okay." The ZL/ZR buttons (triggers) are made of a glossy plastic (unlike the matte finish of the official controllers), so they can get slick with the oil from your hands after a while.The detachable cable is solid and thick, so there is no worry of it breaking at all.The controller itself is light, mainly because of the lack of rumble and motion control.The extra Switch buttons (Home, Capture, etc.) all work as they are supposed to.The controller connects instantly without any problem, however it will not wake up the system from sleep.They are just as comfortable to hold as the original controllers.The controllers both function without any issue aside from the drifting thumbstick.My review will remain at 3 stars until I can either get a refund for my 1-Day Shipping fee or I can get a replacement for my controller with the drifting thumbstick.I have already sent an email to claim the warranty on the PowerA website, so until I receive a reply and resolution, my review stands.Overall: it would have been a great purchase if it weren't for these flaws. I hope at least some of my issues will get resolved. I will return to edit this review if anything comes up.*EDIT 1: Sunday, Dec. 9*: I was successful in receiving a refund for my One-Day Shipping fee, thanks to a helpful Amazon associate (thank you again, RAM). I have just sent out my defective controller for a free exchange and I will edit my review again once it comes in around December 21st. So far, it has gone up to 4 stars now.*EDIT 2: Tuesday, Dec. 11*: The shipping time for the replacement controller was just updated to Thursday, December 13, which is a huge relief. PowerA has yet to reply to my email at all, but at this point I don't have much hope for it. Again, I will finalize this review once the controller comes in on Thursday and I can have some play time with it.*FINAL EDIT: Thursday, Dec. 13*: I can happily say that the new replacement controller does not have a drifting thumbstick issue. It works and plays without any issue, however, there are visible scratches on the casing as I've said before. Why this is on a new controller, I don't know. On the other hand, PowerA has yet to reply to my email. So if there is anything to take away from this: Amazon customer service is wonderful.*ADDITIONAL EDIT: Sunday, Dec. 16*: As some people may know, the Nintendo Switch does not have analog triggers; it uses digital triggers. Since these controllers were made with that in mind, they do not have any sort of analog input. What this means is that in order to have the triggers actually receive an input, you would need to pull the trigger all the way in until it clicks. Gamecube controllers were known for their long trigger pulls, so this would get tiring fairly fast (especially for using shields in Smash Bros). The only option I had was to open it up (with a Philips head screwdriver) and place some sort of buffer between the trigger piece and the actual rubber dome that made contact with the input switch. While this was not too much of an issue to do (I used a cut up replacement eraser for a mechanical pencil as a buffer), it is still something that I need to let you know.Final Verdict: They are solid controllers that feel just like a classic Gamecube controller with a few differences. When there aren't any issues, they are wonderful to use. However, if I had to give a suggestion for a controller, I would steer you towards buying a Switch Pro Controller if it fits in your budget. Trust me. And if you wanted a Gamecube-style controller, then this will suit you just fine... given that you don't run into any issues with drifting thumbsticks or unresponsive customer support.
 I got this a few months ago and it served me well up until recently when the right shield button stopped working. I opened that one up and tried to get it to work but it was no use, so despite the recent negative reviews, I bought another. When I got this controller, it came out of the box broken. The right shield button got stuck constantly and just wouldn't let go. Determined to not let $20 go to waste, I opened it up, used some parts from the old one, qnd after a lot of effort, got this shield button to not stick. I thought my issues were done and that I had the perfect controller. Then the c stick started to bug out. I opened it up again, cleaned it, but to no avail. As you can see in the video, the c stick is so broken after 2 weeks of regular use, that on a completely unmodified circuit board, it somehow managed to make motion controls that only input 1 move at the slightest nudge, WITHOUT MOTION CONTROL TECHNOLOGY. Quite frankly I am impressed how horribly bad this controller is. I wish a chinese knockoff would come out, because unfortunately I am now used to the added z button. I would by other brands, but I hear their controls are wonky too when plugged into a switch with a gamecube adapter. I suppose Nintendo will really put their name on anything because how are you going to market these controllers to a competitive community, and have them break down within 2 weeks max?

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