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Official PS4 Licensed 6.5-foot USB Charging Cable with Ferrite coil. Charges PlayStation 4 Dual Shock 4 controllers. Data compatible allows you to play while charging.

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Well I can't be sure if it's all the cables or just the one I received but I've had no luck with mine from the moment I opened the box it has not worked correctly and it unplugs from the controller every time I move the controller..
I know when it comes to branded merchandise in general I usually prefer to get the same name brand as the item it’s used for. Since Sony doesn’t sell a branded cable this one is the best quality and I can find also it’s officially licensed which means it’s suppose to work well. Not some junk that you find at swap meets and places like frys electronics that fall apart after a month of use. Has a good length to it and connects on both ends without compromise. Of course I don’t have a ps4 I have a ps2 with an adaptor to use a ps4 controller. Only cause there are too many fake ps2/ps3 controllers out there and the regular ps2 controllers I had lived there life and failed. So instead of getting used ps2 controllers I got a new official ps4 controller.
Purchased 2 for my son and I to play co-op steam games. His broke within 2 weeks, without any event to justify it. It simply stopped working.Mine is now also going out. Continually losing connection. Do not purchase these. They're obviously low build quality.Buy a high quality, highly reviewed mini USB charging cord. Any will work with your PS4 controller.

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